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Insect extermination - the best insect control company in Jeddah with safe methods and imaginary prices

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Insect extermination - the best insect control company in Jeddah with safe methods and imaginary prices
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Insect extermination- Are there insects hiding in corners and small spaces in your home or office?!! Well, so you can exterminate the annoying house insects; you first have to identify its type and in this way you will be able to use appropriate treatment to fight these insects and eliminate them permanently. This is what we will talk about in our next topic, where Orchida provides you with a simple explanation of the most common types of household insects and the health risks they cause to your family members and more importantly how to treat them properly.

Now you do not need to spend a lot of money buying pest control products available in the local market. All you have to do is follow the following lines and it gives you the perfect solutions to eliminate home insects quickly and safely.

Insect extermination - the best insect control company in Jeddah with safe methods and imaginary prices:

Often, when we see an insect in the house we rush to the store to obtain a suitable product to exterminate the insect, but the extermination of insects depends on the type of insect and the species to which it belongs and therefore without the knowledge will not be able to choose the right product and so will waste a lot of money unnecessarily. Worse, traditional household insecticides available on the market may contain chemical products that expose your family to many risks and health hazards, as well as their harmful effects on the environment.

So before you use any product to fight the insect in the house, you must be sure of its effectiveness from an expert or professional specialist who has full knowledge of the types of insects and how to deal with them. Also before using any product in the extermination of house insects must be licensed by the Ministry of Environment to ensure their effectiveness.

  • Cockroaches:

Cockroaches from the insects of disgust, which broadcast fear and anxiety in all Unfortunately, this insect has a very high ability to reproduce and spread in all the deserts of the house, but how to identify the cockroaches and the presence in the home cause you harm?!

Cockroaches' appearance: Cockroaches reach about 50 mm long, about 2 inches in length, and there are other species that are larger but present in tropical climates. In addition, it has six legs and two antennas. There are types of cockroaches that contain wings and are used to move from place to place.

Whereabouts: cockroaches prefer to be present in the warm and humid climate and therefore often attack the house. As for the reason for her presence in the house, it is due to negligence in cleaning the house, kitchens and bathrooms in particular. The insect can find its favorite food sources from kitchens and garbage containers.

Cockroaches use gaps and ceilings in the walls of the house to enter the house. In addition to that you can find cockroaches in sewage pipes and inside kitchen cabinets and under basins and inside wooden properties and others.

Cockroaches damage: Because of their ability to reproduce quickly; this insect is one of the most dangerous household insects, in addition to that there are types of cockroaches have high resistance to pesticides. But its presence at home puts your family at great risk because it is a pathogen that works to transport the most dangerous types of bacteria, including salmonella and E. coli bacteria, and these are chronic diseases that threaten human life and therefore it is necessary to get rid of them. In addition, it causes human susceptibility to allergies and asthma symptoms.

Getting rid of cockroaches: The eradication of cockroaches depends on the type and also the extent of injury to your home this insect, if you can identify the places where this insect hiding it will be easy to apply traps and baits or natural methods to get rid of the insect finally. Therefore, communication with a specialized team of the company against cockroaches in Jeddah is the best solution to avoid further exposure to risks and damage,

  • bed bugs :

The appearance of bed bugs: insects Bugs of small household insects that have an oval flat body of 4 to 5 mm length and brownish brown color.

Where they are located: Bugs can be found in the cracks and spaces in the house and also the front tires and inside the electrical equipment. Bugs are often found in hotels and guesthouses, so you may be transported home with luggage and sometimes clothes, until you enter your home or find the right shelter.

Her favorite foods: Bugs feed on the blood you get from humans or animals, yet this insect has an awesome ability to survive without eating for a full year. The insect is a night pest and therefore is active only after the owners sleep the house to get the meal of blood easily.

Bugs damage: According to scientific reports, insect insects put the equivalent of 5 eggs per day, i.e., they lay between 200 and 500 eggs in the life of the insect bug, and this is the availability of suitable climatic conditions and the presence of food sources. In addition to that the bugs of pathogens are transmitted to human infection bacteria and other serious diseases.

How to get rid of bed bugs: The extermination of insects Bugs depend on the disposal of the nest of the insect until you eliminate it permanently. So it is necessary to get rid of the mess in your home and in this way you will be able to find bed bugs with ease. You can also use hot water to wash the furnishings and dry them at high temperature so you will be able to kill insects bugs completely. Also check your furniture and furniture well before you enter your home.

  • Tick:

External appearance of ticks: This type of small household insects have eight legs with a round body of reddish brown color and a length of about 1/4 inch long to one inch.

Location: This insect is spread in many parts of the world, including in the United States of America and some parts of the East Coast and California and has also been found in Saudi Arabia.

Although ticks are not household flying insects, they are able to climb tall shrubs, grasses and plants of high altitude and also jump over mammals passing in front of them. This insect often lives in areas that contain lots of trees from grass and natural debris on the ground.

Her favorite foods: The cat feeds on blood meals that you get from humans and animals.

Tear damage: This insect is known for its damage and the health risks it causes because it transmits diseases and serious infections such as Lyme disease and fever of various kinds and may cause human brain infection.

How to get rid of ticks: You cannot enter a house without jumping on one of them and therefore you should prevent them from entering your home and when you are near the areas where this insect you need to take precautions for example wear long pants. You can also avoid this type of small home insect by cutting the long grass and shrubs. More importantly, you can make a thorough examination of the house every period to make sure it is not there and make sure that the ideal way to get rid of this insect is to communicate with an expert in pest control.

  • Indian Flour Butterfly:

The exterior of the insect: the larvae of the Indian-white flour butterfly with a body length of about 1/2 inch long and very similar in length to moth insects but gray or brown with longitudinal wings.

Where they are: The Indian flour butterfly is a very small household insect that is found all over the world and can be found in cupboards, especially in pet food cupboards and near candy, dried fruits and grains.

Her favorite foods: This insect favors pasta, cake, dried fruits, bird foods, cereals and pet food such as cat food, dogs and biscuits. It also includes powdered milk, popcorn, spices and other dry food products.

Damage of the Indian flour butterfly: The presence of this insect near you may contaminate the food of your family and transmit many viral infections and germs, which in turn may be the cause of your family serious diseases. In addition, this type of insect food produces carcinogenic compounds, especially in the presence of warm weather.

How to get rid of the Indian flour butterfly: Fortunately this type of small household insects prefer to deal with different diets and foods, so the first step you have to do is to wear gloves and start cleaning and get rid of the chaos caused by this insect and then carefully examine the capsules others Open and left by adult insects and rid them so as not to multiply and spread again in your home.

After cleaning the house well, you should also clean the cracks without cupboards with a hot water mixture with soap and help kill the insect immediately, also, store food in closed containers so that the insect cannot reach it.

  • Mites or lichens:

The appearance of mites: These little ones are too small to be noticed by the naked eye so it will not be easy to find this kind of small household insect.

Where it is located: This insect is often present in areas with high humidity. In addition, it can be found in places where people or pets spend most of the time, especially in the bedrooms and on various furnishings such as carpets, rugs and cane.

Preferred Mites: Dust mites or licorice insects are not parasitic insects, but they feed regularly on dead skin, pollen, fungus, bacteria, and pet litter.

Moth damage: Although mite insects are not serious pests, some people are very sensitive to this insect so the presence of this insect near them may be exposed to more health risks.

How to get rid of mites: Getting rid of mites is not impossible but it is difficult because of their small size and can be said to be invisible. The first step you should take is to reduce the humidity in your home by using the dehumidifiers available in the local markets. Then you can clean all over the house including carpet, knife and rugs using a vacuum cleaner. It has bristles that can capture the most precise particles. Also wash the furnishings, curtains and other textiles at high temperature.

  • Harvest mite:

Appearance of the insect: from small household insects of a dark red color.

Where it is located: This insect spreads in many parts of the world, including the United States and some parts of Europe and also in Saudi Arabia and in some areas in the south-east and west of the Middle East.

Harvest mites can often be found in fields, grasslands and high wetlands, which also contain long grasses and plants.

Her favorite foods: Harvest mite insects feed on the blood of live animals and plants where the larvae of the mite are harvested from plant insects during full growth stages until they reach maturity.

Crop mite damage: Herb mites are vector pathogens and therefore cause your family to be infected with bacteria, viruses and germs. In addition, it may bite the human and leave it very painful itch.

How to get rid of the mite: It is best not to be present in areas known to contain this type of small household insects and if you have to deal with these areas you can use a spray containing a deadly pesticide. You should also use hot water to clean your entire clothing and furnishings to make sure you do not take this annoying insect home.

  • birds:

We often notice birds of various kinds in the garden of the house or in the parks and also around the trees and therefore are a small household insect, but the important question how to cause birds harm to humans?!

Birds' appearance: There is no specific appearance for the birds because there are many different types of this insect, there are white or gray pigeons and Canadian white eggs with black necks and feet and the birds may be multicolored.

Where it is located: There is a large presence of this type of bird in the United States of America, Canada and parts of Europe as well as spread in Saudi Arabia, and there are also migratory birds that do not settle in place and move from place to place depending on the season.

This insect can be found on surfaces and edges and near water bodies, sports fields and parks near the house.

Birds' favorite foods: The birds feed on very small domestic insects, fish, and other types of grains, as well as green plants, often the human-planted herbs in the garden and the remains of food that humans leave in garbage containers.

Bird damage: Some people believe birds are not harmful domestic insects, but some scientific research has suggested that geese, pigeons and other bird species may cause the spread of H1N1 strains and other types of influenza infections that pose a serious threat to human life. There are species of birds that attack humans if they feel threatened or provoked and this results in serious injuries painful.

How to get rid of birds: The best way to get rid of annoying and dangerous birds is not to provide enough space for them to move and move, and if you are skilled in hunting you can get the baths and use them for lunch. You can also use trained dogs to chase the geese to get rid of them. More importantly, they do not provide the food source needed by the birds and so may leave them in search of the food they need.

Now many people wonder, can you treat house insects on their own without having to communicate with pest control services in Jeddah?!

Well, many people think they can follow a home extermination strategy themselves, but to be able to deal with any kind of insect they should be aware of their habits, food behavior, hiding places at home and other scientific facts about the insect. This will enable him to choose the appropriate treatment strategy to deal with this insect.

Therefore, dealing with a professional from the pest control company in Jeddah is the best solution to get rid of any insect, because the professional has the techniques and equipment to identify the place of the insect, in addition to the products of eradication of home insects effective and safe, including traps and baits and methods of exclusion to control the pests. You do not need to spend a lot of money on traditional products available in the market. All you have to do is communicate with the pest control team in Jeddah and give you the appropriate treatment for this insect. This is in addition to the specialized professional gives the client tips and guidance to be followed to prevent the presence of insect again at home.



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