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Information about the ants and the types of ants and the disposal of ants final

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Information about the ants and the types of ants and the disposal of ants final
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Information about ants and ants is one of the things that many people, especially those with recurrent ants, are looking for. But do you know that ants are a big challenge especially if you do not have the right equipment and expertise? Ask for help from an insect control company in Jeddah, but if you want to know more scientific facts about ants and the most common types that affect your home permanently, just follow the following lines.

You can use the following types of pictures and illustrations to indicate that you can identify some common types that attack the ants, once you know the types of ants in your home will be easy to identify the places of the nest adopted by the insect and these are the most important steps that make it easy to eliminate the ants and get rid of it completely.

How can I determine the type of ants in my home?

Before we mention the types of ants, there are some scientific facts that you have to study first so you know the damage caused by the insect in your home and the risk caused by your family members and more importantly, to verify the type of insect.

First of all you have to be aware that ants always live in colonies and rarely travel alone, so when workers try to find their food, they look for full fishing that is enough for the entire colony. During the observation of the workers you can determine if they are different in size or they are all identical in size. Also you can follow the ants until they reach their nest, so you will notice that there are certain types of ants running throughout the day although most species are active at night.

You can use the lens, the magnifier or even the microscope so that you can pick up these small insects and kill them immediately. There are also some qualities that help you to refine the insect type by distinguishing its outer appearance.

Sometimes ant nests are clear and easy to reach, but there are colonies of ants hiding in places are unclear and so can not be able to identify the place. There are types of insects hiding under rocks or in the soil, and there are also those who use sharks as a refuge away from disturbing humans.

I am ants - how do you know the type of insect that affects your home?



Fire ants:
It is one of the most common types of ants in Saudi Arabia and many of the countries of the world such as the United States and especially Texas. A person may be able to identify fire ants because of their reddish brown color and length ranging from 1/8 to 1/4 inch long, in addition to the aggressive reaction as they leave a strong bite and painful to the human, even though they prefer to be outdoors But it may hit homes and various buildings in search of water and food, especially in the summer.

There are many people wondering how to identify fire ants? !! Well, fire ants are often near the soil, so their piles of at least 18 to 24 inches in depth or depth may also be found. Fire ant are often found in warm areas such as gardens, farm fields and other areas. Fire ants also in the surrounding trees or under buildings and sometimes in the internal structure of the building.

Fire ants are capable of multiplying at a very high rate, so your presence in your home is a real disaster. It is only a short period before you find the insect spread in every corner of your home.

Now, can you eliminate the fire ants and prevent his return home again?

You can get rid of the fire ants easily if you can detect them in the early stages, but it may be more difficult if you have a severe infection with the insect. In this case you may need to contact a specialist who has full knowledge of the insect. With numerous fire ant colonies present at home.

But if you want to deal with it yourself, you can use the baits and products that are available in the local market. There are many products that you can rely on to resist fire ants and get rid of them permanently. Once the workers pick up the bait they take it to the queen and in this way you may be able to eliminate the entire colony and prevent the growth and reproduction of the insect again

There are also those who rely on insecticides to combat this type of insect. This is one of the most effective and effective ways to deal with fire ants, but in order to get the desired result, the moisture of these pesticides should be maintained so that they can be extended for longer.

As for the piles, the insect should be treated individually so make sure that you do not return it back to your home especially if you have active piles of them, in this case you can apply effective grafts around the affected area to get rid of them.

Also, do not worry, if you are able to use the baits or pesticides for the insect in the right way will not expose your family to any kind of risk, all you have to do is follow the instructions and safety precautions on the package.

Ants Carpenter:
Ants carpenter is very common there are many houses that suffer from the presence of this type of insects, especially in Saudi Arabia, most often use these insects wood in the construction of their nest and this through the work of a cavity in the parts of wood to help them move from one area to another and so on It is easy to find food without any problem, but how do you identify carpenter ants? !!

External appearance of the ants Carpenter: According to some scientific studies, which indicated that the length of ants carpenter ants ranging from 3.4 to about 13 mm and is therefore one of the largest types of ants scattered in birds





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