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How to wash carpets - Useful tips during carpet washing at home and get rid of the most difficult spots

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How to wash carpets - Useful tips during carpet washing at home and get rid of the most difficult spots
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How to wash carpets - After you have completed the elegance of your home by buying luxury carpets, you may be surprised by the presence of a spot left by one of your children playing in color, or the result of leftovers of food did not have a stomach share, do not split All you have to do is follow some tips on how to wash carpets.

How to wash carpets - Useful tips during carpet washing at home and get rid of the most difficult spots

First, if you want to wash the carpet at home, do not scrub or rub the carpets. Try removing the spot. Instead, do the following:

  • Remove dust first:

Before you begin to explain how to wash the carpet you must know the correct way to remove dust from the carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner, if not, and do not force it hard during the ablutions, or using the regular broom, pull it in the direction of the carpet.

All dust should be removed from the carpet before washing, so that dirt is not dirt stains.

  • Clean carpets daily:

Carpet should be cleaned daily, specifically carpets in children's rooms and living room, where it is more exposed to dirt than other carpets.

Cleaning carpets daily from dust will facilitate the task of washing later, saving time and effort to get the best results.

  •  Identify spots location:

You must locate the spots in the carpet and start washing them from the outside inside, so that the spots do not spread and cover more space.

  •  Beware of rubbing or rubbing stains:

Rubbing the stains on the carpet in the belief that it may solve the problem, will aggravate it and leave a permanent area of ​​pale on the carpet, instead pour some of the solution to remove stains on the spot, and dry with a clean towel.

  •  From outside to inside!

Remove the spot from its outer perimeter and turn to its center, which will prevent the spread of the spot on a wider area of ​​the carpet.

  •  Explain quickly:

You should act quickly if you see a spot and do not leave it to dry or cool, and this is the secret of losing spots while washing the carpet at home.

  •  Sometimes, water may be the solution:

Most famous dyes of foods, colors and beverages that do not contain strong pigments can be removed with warm, unsweetened water. Immerse a clean towel in warm water and place it on the spot with minimal pressure and leave it until the spot disappears.

This is a carpet washing method used by many people, but unfortunately it is useless with strong dyes.

Some types of carpet will be treated against stains, enough cold water to remove any spot.

  •  Effective mixture for spot removal and carpet washing at home:

If warm water is useless in removing stains, you can experience this effective and appropriate mixture of wool carpets and silk carpets.

  •  Carpet washing method using household mixture:

Bring any carpet cleaner, place a teaspoon in a large jug, add a teaspoon of white vinegar, add a liter of warm water, mix the heart well to give the best results.

Dip a clean towel into the mixture and place it on the spot with a slight pressure, and leave it for a while.

  •  Use carpet stain remover:

If the mixture is not useful, it is time to buy carpet remover, and you must be aware that each carpet type has its own stain remover, so that you do not expose your carpets to damage.

  •  Experience first:

Examine the stain remover on a small, invisible area of ​​the carpet, making sure that it will not cause damage to the fabric or change the color of the carpet.

  •  Carpet drying method:

Place a dry, clean towel at the bottom of the washed spot, and another towel over it, then press lightly on it. Some weights should be placed on it even if some books are soaked in water and moisture.

  •  Do not walk on the carpet until completely dry:

Put a chair or table above the area that was washed so that the legs do not step on it and it is still not dry, do everything you can to make sure that no one will walk on it until it dry.

Leave the top layer dry, but the bottom layer is still saturated with water.

You can use your hair dryer until you get out of the drying process, but be sure not to overuse the hair dryer so as not to overheat and damage the fabric.

  •  Contact specialists:

If the spot is stubborn to stay there on your carpet, while you have tried the above, know that this is the time to use the specialists.

The beauty of the house will not be complete without the clean, spotless carpet. Therefore, taking care of the cleanliness of your carpet and knowing how to clean it and wash it is one of the most important things you should do so that you do not have difficulties in the way you wash your carpets.

Have you ever had difficulties washing carpets at home? Tell us your experience...

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