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How to spend cockroaches in my kitchen - Effective tips to protect your kitchen from cockroaches

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How to spend cockroaches in my kitchen - Effective tips to protect your kitchen from cockroaches
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The kitchen is one of the favorite places for cockroaches, because it represents the ideal environment for them to get food and to find housing that can hide without bothering, and the problem of kitchen cockroach is one of the new problems experienced by many homes, especially in the summer, Helps to find many ways to eliminate cockroaches in an effective way.

In this article, Orchida will offer you many effective tips that will teach you how to get rid of cockroaches in your kitchen.

How to spend cockroaches in my kitchen - Effective tips to protect your kitchen from cockroaches:
Many of us see cockroaches as one of the worst nightmares that can hit your home, especially if you are in the kitchen, which may endanger your safety and your children's risk. Cockroaches carry diseases between their feet, especially when you are active and walking around your house in the dark, Therefore, you should learn some techniques to curb and eliminate cockroaches.

How to get rid of the problem of cockroaches in the kitchen:

You should get rid of the cockroaches completely from home and make sure they do not appear again, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, by ensuring cleanliness and system of those places at all times.

The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to contact Orchida Pest Control in Jeddah, where they have a number of professionals in pest control professionals who have experience in controlling cockroaches, but if you want to rely on yourself to eliminate cockroaches you should follow the tips next:

1-balls of naphthalene and boric acid:

You can buy naphthalene balls from local markets, and you can make them yourself by placing drops of crisco with sugar, which works as a bait to attract cockroaches to it with powdered boric acid, which quickly eliminate the cockroaches, and mix them with half a cup of water and flour, and when the dough begins to cohesion , You can make balls and put them in the corners and areas that are difficult to access the kitchen, and will roach the cockroaches smell and attracted to sugar and when you start to eat will die immediately under the influence of boric acid and crescos.

To maintain the effectiveness of the dough can be put a little water on these balls every day or replace the old balls with new ones and can be placed in the containers with good ventilation openings, and be careful to close the cover so that children can not reach them.

It is worth mentioning that the boric acid absorbs moisture from the bodies of the cockroaches and quickly ruptures and eliminates them.

2. Removal of food residues:

You must dispose of leftover food and remove all sources where cockroaches can get food. Open foods and containers should be covered. You will need to store dry food in tightly sealed containers to prevent cockroaches from reaching it. Garbage cans and plastic bottles before they are put in the trash because they attract the attention of cockroaches, and you should know that food slips dumped everywhere and fatty materials of the popular things in the cockroaches and therefore be sure to clean the kitchen surfaces as well as the stove or gas oven B Continuous shape.

You should not allow your children to spread food in the rooms, teach them hygiene, and arrange for their food if they do not want to see cockroaches at home.

Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink or in the dishwasher and you should wipe the stains immediately and keep the francs clean at all times. Because these are the places where cockroaches begin to grow, and you should scan dishes after washing and sweep the floors and wipe with disinfectants to keep them clean.

3. Use cockroaches:

Many of the baits that have proven effective in eliminating cockroaches can be used for toxic and deadly substances. They are available in local shops. A little food mixed with poison can be placed in places that you specify. When cockroaches eat, they will become poisoned immediately.

4. Mix vinegar with soapy water:

It can be sprayed with water mixture soap and vinegar, which encapsulates the pores of their breath, causing them to choke and eliminate them, so can not cling to bear on the bodies, and you can make an equal solution of water and vinegar and cleaning soap and put them in a pack of sprays, This solution is also effective in eliminating bed bugs.

5. Use of pesticides:

Local markets are full of many types of insecticides which can quickly destroy cockroaches. They are very effective chemical products to be eliminated. Sprayers can be sprayed wherever the cockroaches are found, so you can quickly eliminate cockroaches from the kitchen. Pets and children about the place of the spray so as not to hurt them and you should also wash the area sprayed with soap and water well to protect your family from the dangers of the chemicals that are found in those pesticides.

If your cockroach level is too high, you should go to Orchida Pest Control in Jeddah, as it will provide you with the professional help and proper follow-up you will need and will help you eliminate cockroaches in your kitchen.


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