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How to spend cockroaches forever - simple steps to get rid of cockroaches attack

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How to spend cockroaches forever - simple steps to get rid of cockroaches attack
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There are cockroaches everywhere, fed by garbage, living in sewerage too, can contaminate your food, cause the transmission of bacteria and serious diseases to you, so it must be eliminated completely so as not to cause more harm to you and your family, With your friends on a quick tour through that article to get to know together the perfect way to eliminate cockroaches forever.

How to spend cockroaches forever - simple steps to get rid of cockroaches attack:

There are a lot of reasons why we hate cockroaches, and that is why their bodies are disgusting, their thin wings, their feet that carry the causes of pollution and disease, they eat dirt and garbage, and they can spread many pathogenic bacteria, including salmonella and shigella, from place to place They also leave behind feces, and the unpleasant odors caused by their saliva, which can cause chest sensitivity and asthma in serious cases. People also hate cockroaches because they are difficult to eradicate, kill, and make it difficult for some to reach places where they hide.

Types of cockroaches:

There are many types of cockroaches, but the most famous of them are the German cockroach, the American palaces, the brown palaces and the eastern cataclysms. Despite the growing hatred towards cockroaches, they are an important part of the ecological balance, where many animals and reptiles feed on them. Cockroaches are attracted to certain types of chemicals called volatile fatty acids, which are found in fermented foods such as bread and cheese. What is earwax is considered to be an attractive material for cockroaches.

How do cockroaches harm humans:

When the cockroaches come close to the human ear during sleep, the leg can be pulled into the ear by the wax material, which causes great harm to the person, many ear infections, the cockroaches have fork legs, and if the person tries to pull them off with the plates, the eardrum may be torn apart. And the ear may remain in the ear. Therefore, a specialist should be consulted, who can remove the cockroach, which may be alive by the mineral oil or narcotic drugs called the lidocaine. Causing the presence of cockroach da Ear fungus and Tkonabaktiria's so the doctor cleaned some special medical materials.

Although it is difficult to eliminate cockroaches, it is a great necessity for personal safety and family health. Here are some important tips to help you eliminate cockroaches altogether.

How to spend cockroaches forever:

All you have to do dear reader is to follow the following instructions if you really want a home free of those annoying insects.

Locating cockroaches:
Where you should first identify the whereabouts of cockroaches to be eliminated, and you will often find in the dark and warm and moist areas such as bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms, and if it is difficult to determine, a specialist technician of Orchid Pest Control in order to help you locate Cockroaches.

Continuous house cleaning:
The dishes should be cleaned first and first so that cockroaches do not find the food you are looking for in your home. You should check that there is no food waste behind the cupboards, refrigerator or furniture. So that they do not get sucked in those areas. The corners of the house, the walls and the chimneys should be cleaned periodically. Also, get rid of the paper and cardboard boxes and get rid of the mess in the house so that it is not a suitable place to live cockroaches.

Regular garbage disposal:
Garbage should be stored in a box that has a tight cover and should be emptied and disposed of on a regular daily basis. The bottom of the garbage bin should be cleaned thoroughly from the waste. It should be sprayed with a strong insecticide so that it is not a suitable place to crawl or hide cockroaches.

Using a taste to eliminate cockroaches:
You should use some substances that act as bait to attract and kill cockroaches, such as boric acid and baking soda. These methods are simple to apply and have a strong effect in eradicating your nails permanently, especially if you are afraid to spray pesticides at home to keep your children healthy. Or your pets.

Soap Solution:
Soap solution is one of the most effective substances in the elimination of cockroaches, where the soap solution is made with water and filled with a bottle and then sprinkled directly on the cockroaches until it is eliminated. Once covered with a soap solution, the pores of the cockroaches are blocked.

It is possible to use insecticides for cockroaches from insect control companies, which are everywhere and can be sprayed on doors, windows, ventilation, openings in pipes, kitchen furniture, beds, crowded places, in containers and in ponds. Insecticides should not be used on food so as not to harm you and your family.

The killer gel of cockroaches:
The cockroach killer gel can be used. It is effective in applying cracks and hard-to-reach areas to completely eliminate cockroaches, where the gel is placed in those areas and changes in the home are monitored.

If you do not find these ways to eliminate the cockroaches too, you must resort to a professional specialist from the company Orkida insect control to help you rid your home of cockroaches because it is the best company to combat cockroaches in Jeddah in terms of effectiveness


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