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How to kill night cockroaches - Is the night cockroach harmful to my family?

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How to kill night cockroaches - Is the night cockroach harmful to my family?
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How to kill night cockroaches? Is this what you are thinking about now and looking for a quick and safe solution to eliminate cockroaches scattered in every corner of the house?! Well, cockroaches are the most dangerous home pests and this is because of their ability to reproduce at a rapid rate and, worse, their ability to transport a range of serious diseases and epidemics.

How to kill night cockroaches - Is the night cockroach harmful to my family?

Cockroaches are often found in dark, dark areas of the house, in establishments and businesses, such as restaurants, offices, etc. You may find terrible numbers of this annoying insect in sewage pipes, sewers and plumbing pipes. Cockroaches prefer to hide in isolated places, for example behind furniture and appliances, as well as under refrigerators, cupboards, etc.

As well as the ability to hide inside the cracks and gaps in the walls of the house or in the wooden floors and others, and we know that cockroaches are active at a great rate during the night after the owners sleep home, the insect goes out to find her favorite food and water and then rush to her nest, The owner of the house or the owner of the institution find the hiding places of the night cockroaches.

As the spring season is the preferred season for the emergence and spread of cockroaches, the scientific experiments conducted in the north of the United States have shown that cockroaches often disappear during the winter and autumn, but with the advent of spring show at a very large rate and complete its activity. These insects are considered social insects. This means that they do not infect your home or organization on their own, but attack in very large numbers. This is already a nightmare for homeowners.

In addition, in order for cockroaches to contact their fellow insects, they release the pheromones that cause unpleasant odors in the feces and on the outer body. The smell of the pheromones is what causes the insects to gather together and therefore it is necessary to get rid of them immediately.

Well, but are there damages to the night's nightmare and how can they be avoided?!

The presence of cockroaches in your home causes many costly problems including:

  1.  As mentioned in the previous lines, cockroaches can grow and reproduce at a very large rate, so seeing one of these insects means that there is a whole ring hidden in every corner of the house.

  2. In addition, the cockroaches produce a foul smell and once you get in touch with the food and drinks of your family you leave the infection and fungus on them, which causes serious diseases including dysentery, gastroenteritis, salmonella and typhoid. Cockroach droppings also cause eczema, asthma and chest allergies.
  3. In addition to the presence of types of cockroaches that feed on the cellulose, which is a favorite food, this means the injury of wood property and damage.

Are there any signs of night cockroaches?

The signs that indicate the presence of cockroaches in your home vary depending on the type of cockroach. There are three common types of cockroaches attacking the home and businesses at a large rate, including:

  1. German cockroach.

  2. American cockroach.
  3. Eastern cockroach.

These insects are predominantly brown with wings that help them travel and travel short distances and so may stumble upon them in every corner of the house. For American cockroaches, they prefer to be in permanent dark places, especially wet areas. The types of cockroaches are also often found in large numbers in the kitchen or in the areas where food is stored.

Signs of night cockroaches include:

  • Live insect vision although the insect is active at night and hides throughout the day, you can follow it at night and turn on the light to find the areas where you are hiding.
  • Cockroach droppings, which resemble black pepper, are small balls of black color.
  • Egg capsules and falling skin When cockroaches reach full maturity, they shed their skin at a rate of 5 to 8 times.
  • Note the damage of books, cardboard, wooden items and other signs that indicate the presence of household insects.
  • The smell is bad because the cockroaches produce a mold-like odor.

Are there ways to prevent night cockroaches?

  1. Closing the entry shackles around the house or commercial real estate may help prevent the cockroaches from entering your home and often use those bug holes under the doors or around the pipes or cracks in the walls.

  2. Disposal of food and water sources, these are the most effective ways to control the infection of cockroaches and this is done by storing food and various foods in sealed plastic containers, also taking care to dry the house and get rid of high humidity.

  3. Cleaning the house on a daily basis and disposal of waste and spills that fall on the floor of the house and under refrigerators and electrical appliances in the kitchen.
  4. Store pet food in places that are difficult for the insect to reach.

How do I spend the annoying night cockroaches?

Be aware that leaving the cockroaches home without treatment may cause the proliferation and spread of the insect at very high rates and in this case will be difficult to control, but you can follow the following precautions to deal with cockroaches and eliminate them permanently.

Some people prefer to use products available in local markets, but in order to finally eliminate the problem you need to get rid of the nest and apply effective treatments. But using the treatment on the insect you see before you will never help you solve the problem.

Cockroaches are dangerous insects so you need to call pest control services in Jeddah so you can solve this problem definitively, here


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