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How to get rid of Termites - Easy solutions to eliminate termites

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How to get rid of Termites - Easy solutions to eliminate termites
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How to get rid of Termites From all the insects and pests that infect the house, termites come at the top of the risk list; it may destroy the foundation of your home in a few years, so if your home is damaged you should eliminate the termites as soon as possible.

The worst thing is that termites can be discovered years after being hit at home, that is, it comes without warning, and it may be too late when you discover his presence.

Your home is precious and you can not buy another house because of just an insect, so it's important to take action to protect your home from termites.

How To Eliminate Termites - Easy Solutions To Eliminate Termites

Before you go into details about ways to eliminate termites, let's get to know a little bit about the termite insect.

What are the signs of having ants in your home to find out the best way to eliminate it?

You must eliminate the termites as soon as you learn that your home has been attacked, but what are the signs that indicate the presence of termites in your home? Here are some of these tags:

  • The presence of damaged wood:

You should be careful especially if most of your home is made up of wood, and wood is often found below and behind surfaces such as the wall and ceilings.

White termites chew wood for cellulose, and after years have already caused significant damage to wood.

Always check the wood surfaces from the bottom. If you are unsure of your ability to inspect them yourself, specialists can be hired because they have custom tools to detect damage caused by termites in wood.

  • The presence of raised wings:

The termites have wings in their basic configuration. You can find these wings next to the doors or windows, because the white ants dispose of their wings when they know they will no longer need them and start chewing wood.

Wings of ants are equal in size - unlike normal ants - so check all the corners of the house for the wings of the termites, and if you find them, you should take the necessary action immediately.

  • Tube of clay:

The termites make mud pipes to fill gaps and maintain moisture, because it needs a certain temperature to be able to live.

If you find one of these tubes, take a strip in it, and if a member of the termite comes out of it, then you have to start eliminating the termites.

  • Use a flashlight and a screwdriver:

Go to the basement of the house and make sure there are no cavities in the wood, but the cavities only appear when the wood layer is completely eroded, so you have to press the wood with the blade and if the wood breaks easily, that means there are white ants.

  • Granules structure of waste:

Use your hand lamp and look for white termites. These wastes are brown or wood-colored and can be found in places where there is weakness in the wood. This means that there are groups of white ants.

What are the effective ways to eliminate termites?

There are many ways that can eliminate termites. Some chemicals can destroy entire colony populations in an instant, but some of these chemicals may be used against the law in your area.

You must be very careful when using these chemicals to eliminate termites, the best solution is to hire a specialist to do the move for you.

  • Pyrmethrin:

Is a natural chemical used as an insecticide, and gives the chemical quick results and the effect continues for long periods.

Pyramethrin is not only used to eliminate termites, but can also be used to eliminate normal ants, ticks, beetles and wasps.

It is also one of the favorite materials for homeowners and professionals in the field of insect eradication.

  • Arsenic:

Is one of the effective chemicals in the elimination of termites; because when a member of the colony is infected with arsenic, all the inhabitants of the colony will fall victim to this substance.

Arsenic is also transmitted from dead insects; in other words, if an insect feeds another insect through arsenic, it will kill it.

  • Low Temperature:

Low-temperature can eliminate the termites, but to occur it must be reached to a temperature of 29 below zero and the silice is done using liquid nitrogen.

  • Sun rays:

If there is not enough sunlight in your home, the termites may destroy it, because the sun's rays are working to eliminate the termites naturally.

So do not close the windows at daytime; let the sunlight enter your home sufficiently.

  • Floods:

You can simply eliminate the termites by dumping them. If you find an area in your home or garden, flood this area with water to eliminate the termites normally.

The termites destroy the house in a few years, so look for any signs of its existence, and if you are sure that it is in your home you should expedite the elimination of the termites.

These methods can be useful for the elimination of termites, but always specialized in the company anti-termites in Jeddah have the necessary equipment and expertise to eliminate the termites only continue with an pest control company in Jeddah to know the prices and the way of work.

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