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How to eliminate fleas - Protect Your Family from Flea Damage

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How to eliminate fleas - Protect Your Family from Flea Damage
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How To Eliminate Fleas From The Concerns Many people fear for the health of a family from the harms and risks caused by this type of annoying home insect, so we will talk about the best ways to help you eliminate fleas in bed and in the whole house, so Follow us...

Do you want to get rid of fleas at home?! Flea management can be very difficult. It is a small insect that is hard to detect or track. It means that dealing with these small domestic insects requires a professional who has all the information about flea's life cycle and the signs that indicate their existence, As well as the places where they hide.

But there are some methods and methods you can follow to eliminate fleas at home yourself. These methods have proved very effective with many people; in addition, they have prevented the presence of the insect at home again.

How to eliminate fleas - Protect Your Family from Flea Damage

Well, we all know why this type of insect exists in your home!!

In short, fleas often hit the house while looking for a suitable shelter away from harsh climatic conditions and therefore spread through spring and summer. You may find your home the right place for them. In addition, neglecting the house with chaos in many corners makes it easy to hide away, from the eye without being noticed by man.

Not only that; fleas can also stumble upon your favorite animal and this is because they inhabit the pet fur and feed on the blood meals that you get through the bites, so before you are looking for wondering how to eliminate the fleas you first need to check the pets in your home and if She was infected with this insect and do not hesitate to address it first.

How long will fleas stay in your home?

Fleas are one of the most troublesome household pests because of their small size and ability to move from place to place quickly, so the presence of this insect in your home is a great threat to your family. Fleas are also multiplying rapidly, which means that their presence in your home means that thousands of insects are hiding in many corners of your home.

Flea insects feed on the blood and damaged skin cells obtained from a family member or your pet. Because of this sting, the person is exposed to many serious diseases such as allergic reactions and also skin disorders such as itching, redness, etc. The situation may get worse as it continues to bite.

Although the household insect cannot fly, it has very strong legs that help it jump long distances from one place to another, making it difficult for humans to locate or handle them.

The flea life cycle depends on climatic conditions, where it thrives and grows in a warm climate with temperature ranging from 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (26 to 32 degrees Celsius), and a high level of humidity of at least 70 percent.

These conditions help the insect to reproduce within a short period of time ranging from 18 to 21 days, and if the appropriate weather is not available and the insect cannot obtain it continuously, this affects the rate of reproduction.

How do I get rid of fleas at home?

According to many studies and scientific research, 5% of the adult flea insects in your home live in your pet's fur. The remaining 95% of the infection, egg capsules and small larvae, is hidden in all corners of the house. Fleas at home need an ideal strategy to tackle the problem of all angles.

So first you have to deal with your pet and where you live. Here are some ways to help you eliminate fleas in your home:

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean all parts of the house, including furnishings such as carpets, canopies, curtains, pillows, bed linen, clothes, etc. Do not forget that small larvae often hide inside narrow spaces and cracks in your home, so clean them with a vacuum cleaner to kill the larvae and egg capsules, then get rid of the garbage bag outside the house.
  2. You can also rely on the technique of cleaning steam is based on the high temperature that the insect cannot afford, in addition to the effectiveness of the cleaner, which penetrates into the internal structure of the insect and cause dryness and after a few moments die immediately.
  3. If you cannot get rid of the infected furnishings, do not forget to wash them at high temperatures to make sure they die.
  4. There is also treatment with chemical products where the experts of the control of Orkida the strongest pesticide to kill fleas, these products contain effective ingredients that help the small larvae and prevent growth and thus eliminate the presence of the insect in your home completely.

How do I get rid of fleas in a home garden?

The best way to eliminate fleas from your garden is to identify the places where this annoying insect is hiding. Therefore, you need to inspect and inspect the entire garden, especially the warm and humid places, and evaluate the affected places.

It may be enough to expose these places to the heat of the sun that works to kill insects quickly, although this method will not help you eliminate fleas altogether, but it will help you get rid of large numbers of them.

Here are some ways to help you eliminate fleas in your home garden:

  1. Trimming the herbs in your garden regularly Fleas will not look for long grasses to hide inside; then discard the residue from being left in the garden.
  2. Disposal of woodworms such as leaves and dead branches because there are insects that feed on cellulose found in these debris.
  3. You can use nematodes, kind of useful small worms that feed on the eggs of parasites and small insects and therefore their presence in the garden of the house will prevent the spread of the insect.

But do not forget to deal with this type of household insect is very difficult and if you do not have the experience or skill sufficient situation will worsen, so if you are wondering the right solution you will not find better than to contact a professional specialist of the Orkida pest control company helps you fight Fleas are completely disposed of.


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