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How to eliminate cockroaches without pesticides - safe and inexpensive

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How to eliminate cockroaches without pesticides - safe and inexpensive
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How to eliminate cockroaches without pesticides Is the use of natural methods will help to drive them out of the house quickly?! Although cockroaches are serious household insects, most people fear using products and pesticides because they contain chemicals that are harmful to the health of children and pets in the home.

But, what about the natural methods and methods, do you meet the purpose, and will kill cockroaches permanently!

Well, according to insect experts from Orchid, the various types of house insects can be treated with natural methods, especially those that contain pungent odour because they cause the insect to suffocate and kill it at a time of measurement. Although the use of these methods may take some time to get rid of the large numbers in your home, they proved effective with many people.

In our topic today, Orchid Pest Control offers very important tips for killing cockroaches and completely eliminating them, so keep reading...

How to eliminate cockroaches without pesticides - safe and inexpensive:

Cockroaches are a type of household insect that is characterized by small size and speed of movement on the floors and walls, making it difficult to access, and always find shelter in the sewage and bathrooms and garbage and dirty places, so sometimes cause many diseases because of the pollutants because of their presence in such places.

It is also fast-growing and can produce many generations in a short period, so it must be discarded immediately after discovery so as not to spread and exacerbate the infection and difficult to be processed after that, and can live without food for up to six months, and can turn the heart to stop for an hour without Affected by its activity and strength.

Many housewives suffer from the presence of cockroaches that disgust the whole family and scare young children and cause many diseases to carry pollutants, and to get rid of cockroaches, you can follow many of the ways we will explain to you in this subject, along with the need to take preventive measures that protect Home of these insects.

Getting rid of cockroaches naturally can be a slow process, but when you use strong pesticides you will see the results immediately, but you will expose your family to toxic chemicals in the process and therefore these solutions are unsafe.

But getting rid of them with natural solutions does not only protect your family from exposure to toxic chemicals; it can prevent infection again. How can you do that?

Follow the steps below.

Continuous cleaning:

As with all insects and pests, where cleaning is the best and best ways to prevent the infection of insects, so you must clean your house first and get rid of everything that attracts cockroaches, such as leaving dirty dishes in the basin and the remnants of food, especially fat, which means that you must Clear all places and make sure they are thoroughly cleaned before sleeping each day.

Also, do not forget to get rid of garbage containers on a daily basis, because cockroaches may take a way to get their meal, and in this way weaken their activity.

Plug holes and cracks:

The holes and cracks inside your home are an important entrance to insects and cockroaches, where they can crawl easily because of their small size, so block all the cracks in your home, especially in food storage places using supplies, it may take some effort, but it is worth, specifically if you have neighbors do not keep On the same hygiene standards as you do.

Repair of water leaks:

This is why many of them are under the basin and around the sewers in your home because they can live for months without food, but do not live for a few days without water, so close all water sources and fix leaks to the smallest. Also, do not let the water stand in the tub until the cockroaches gather around.

Natural cockroaches’ taste:

Mix three tablespoons of boric acid with one teaspoon of sugar, because sugar attracts cockroaches and boric acid kills them. Although boric acid is not poisonous, it can be troublesome to place it in places beyond the reach of young children such as behind Electrical devices and under the basin and around the planks and cracks also where the cockroaches exist to get rid of them.

Kill cockroaches:

If you have any cockroaches at home and do not want to spray harmful pesticides inside your home for the presence of children and pets spray a small solution of soap and hot water it because the cockroaches like most insects breathe through the skin and soap suffocates and kills and will help you get rid of cockroaches without resorting To use harmful substances.

The use of specialized experts:

If the infection is large and you want to get rid of it in a natural way you can contact the pest control company in Jeddah, where the pest control company uses a material called the earth diatom and spray it inside the holes and cracks in the walls inside the house.

This is because diatomaceous earth is a soft sedimentary rock that can be easily crushed into a soft powder that is used in many things including some medicines and skin care products but is often used as an insecticide because it has the ability to kill insects without using chemicals and at the same time the same does not harm any member of your family.

We talked about the best, but the most important 6 steps that may help you to eliminate cockroaches and protect your home from damage caused by this insect, but if you want to get an effective result in a record time; make sure that you communicate with an expert or professional by Orchid pest control company the best solution would be to eliminate the insect


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