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How to clean fabric sofa - Get rid of dust, dirt and hard spots instantly:

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How to clean fabric sofa - Get rid of dust, dirt and hard spots instantly:
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How to clean fabric sofa of dust, dirt and also hard stains; this is the right thing to keep your furniture and take care of its wholesales and brilliance constantly. We all know that the fall of spots and spills of food and drinks from the things that occur suddenly, so we will talk in the following lines about the effective steps that make it easier to deal with the spot immediately and get rid of the particles of dust and dust lingering.

How to clean fabric sofa - Get rid of dust, dirt and hard spots instantly:

When the disaster occurs and drops of your coffee drink or even the cold juices are offered to the guests, you will want to return time to prevent that problem and protect the kits from them. If you are one of those who believe that cleaning the cane patches is difficult and impossible, you can follow the following lines where Orchida gives you general steps and tips that are very useful to clean the cup.

I certainly searched a lot on Google pages for simple ways to help you remove the accumulated stains on the kernels, and there are a lot of cleaning products to deal with these stains. Before you rely on these products, make sure that the chemicals contained inside them may cause damage to the fibers of the sofa; this is in addition to the problem of color hue and in this way you will lose one of the best pieces of furniture you have.

Therefore, the best way to clean the chamois and remove old and difficult spots is as follows:

  • Using a vacuum cleaner:

In normal cases, it is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner to preserve the tissue and protect it from dust tissue and crumbs that settle inside it.

But in case there are any old spots on your cane kits, make sure that using the broom can help to remove the spots gradually until they disappear completely. Regular use of this method will help you remove the old stains without leaving any harmful side effect on the fibers of the cane.

  • Use natural solutions:

There are some types of stains that you can only handle with normal water, but the old hard spots will not work with the water. You will need a strong and effective detergent. For the best detergents, you can ask the staff at a cleaning company in Jeddah.

Also mix water with white vinegar may be an effective solution and perfect in removing old stains, all you have to do is add one part of the vinegar with two parts of water and mix the ingredients well and then you can apply to the location of the spot and press well using a piece of clean cloth to try absorption Spot components.

Beware of using chemicals because they cause more damage to your furniture, and instead of spending money on repairing damage you can shorten the effort, time and money and call a specialist expert from the steam cleaning department in Jeddah.

  • Cleaning the cane by steam:

Of the latest technology used to deal with hard spots of furniture and furnishings, no matter what type of spot will respond to this method; but unfortunately not many homeowners know about effective steam cleaning devices and how to use them.

How to clean fabric sofa - Simple Steps to Clean the Cane?

  1. First, determine the type of fabric for your cupboards and wad. Most of the cotton tissue has a label with one of the following letters: W, A, S, for those carrying W, A indicates that you can clean the cup with detergents and water-based solutions, while the S-labeled tissue indicates that it is necessary to clean the cane In dry, water-free methods. There are also X-shaped fabrics that indicate that you can clean them with a vacuum cleaner or by using cleaning services in Jeddah. Tissues carrying O indicate that they are made of organic materials from natural fibers and you can wash them with cold water.

  2. After that you can choose the ideal detergent based on the type of fabric of the sofa, there are different types of cleaning products, including dry detergents, including the solution, but first make sure they do not contain harmful chemicals.

  3. Using a rough brush, rub the spot well and be careful not to spread the stain on a large scale.
  4. 4 - get rid of the remnants that are scattered on the surface of the couch; for example pet hair, dust, dirt and food crumbs, it will be easier to use the vacuum cleaner for this task.

Dealing with the spots that fall on the sofa crews is not impossible but requires experience and training. That is why it is best to leave the difficult task of a steam cleaning company in Jeddah. It helps you maintain the beauty of your kennels and get rid of the most difficult spot types.

Make sure Orchida has the latest equipment and techniques to deal with this problem. It also depends on natural cleaning products that do not have any negative effect on your carpet fibers or your family's health


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