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How to clean carpets without washing - Can carpet cleaning from hard spots on dry without chemical products?

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How to clean carpets without washing - Can carpet cleaning from hard spots on dry without chemical products?
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Are you looking for how to clean carpets without washing or using water?! Sometimes the homeowner finds it difficult to remove stains that fall on her furnishings by traditional methods. Worse, she resorts to chemical products that damage carpet fibers and affect her color and natural beauty. This is why Orchida offers a set of basic instructions that help you get a high level. In cleaning to return to carpet or carpet you have a fresh color.

How to clean carpets without washing - Can carpet cleaning from hard spots on dry without chemical products?

We know that carpets are the staple of the house, so every woman is careful to protect her from dirt, dust and dust. Unfortunately, the disaster may occur and drops of juice from the child's drink or coffee drink may be worse if you have pets at home. Those annoying spots you cannot easily eliminate.

However, according to one cleaning expert at the global level, there are simple and easy steps that may help you remove stains, however difficult and completely eliminate them. These steps include:

  1. Soda is an effective household substance that can be relied upon to clean stains, especially spots of juices and liquids; however, it is necessary to clean the stains quickly before they dry so that the soda can be removed and removed easily.
  2. If you are looking for less expensive methods, you can use a dishwashing detergent. It is a product that helps remove stains and also protects carpet fibers from damage.
  3. If you want to deal with the hard spot in a simple and easy way, you can add drops of cleaning liquid with baking soda and apply the magic mix on the spot and leave a few minutes and then rub the spot and using warm water and a piece of white cloth you can rinse the spot. Repeat this step until you can remove the spot permanently.
  4. One of the effective household products is a combination of white vinegar with salt and aromatic lavender oil. This combination has proven unparalleled effectiveness in overcoming stains no matter how difficult it is. It also helps remove bad smells and replace them with a fragrant and beautiful fragrance.
  5. Corn starch, ice cubes and shaving cream are always available in your home and can be used to remove all stains, whether juice stains, hot drinks, blood stains, or even spots for pet urination. Simply apply one of these ingredients to the spot and rub it well and then remove the effects of the material vacuum.
  6. You can also add vinegar with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and use the mixture to get rid of bad spots and bad pets.
  7. Lemon juice is also a magical ingredient that is used in carpet cleaning of stains, especially the unpleasant tea and coffee stains.

Dealing with carpet stains is very easy and not as difficult as some people think. All you have to do is keep these components in your home. Once you notice any kind of material falling on your carpet, take action immediately and get rid of it.

But if you want to use carpet removal products available in local markets, you should first try this product on a small, uncluttered area of ​​carpet to make sure that the product does not affect or discolor the carpet.

Also, while cleaning the carpet, avoid excessive rubbing of the stain because this may cause damage to the carpet fibers. Worse, stains are spread more widely and thus difficult to handle. You should also start with the outer perimeter of the spot and then move to the middle; this way you will avoid splotches.

After cleaning the patch, make sure to dry your carpet and get rid of moisture. This way you will be able to protect the carpet from damage.

But if you cannot deal with the problem yourself, you will not find better communication with a steam cleaning company in Jeddah. It has the most efficient equipment and methods to help you remove the hard spots and restore the beauty of your home furnishings.



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