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How to clean carpets from hard spots - Prepare for the beauty and shine of your carpet with simplest way

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How to clean carpets from hard spots - Prepare for the beauty and shine of your carpet with simplest way
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How to clean carpets from hard spots is one of the most important things for women, especially those who care about the beauty of their carpets. Of course, it is one of the most upholstery that gives the house a distinctive and sparkling interface. Unfortunately, the real problem may occur when drops of red wine or drinks fall on the carpet, or when you leave your beloved pet peeing on the carpet, and traces of aging that leave signs of dirt that are difficult to get rid of, this is the real headache.

But you do not have to worry at all; at Orchida you will find a set of general precautions that you can count on in dealing with all kinds of spots and difficult ones too. All you have to do is pay close attention to the following lines:

How to clean carpets from hard spots - Prepare for the beauty and shine of your carpet with simplest way:

There are different types of stains that may have a bad effect on your furnishings. You have stains that you can remove easily. Unfortunately, there are also grease spots, blood spots and others that need a great effort to remove.

Although dealing with the carpet cleaning company in Jeddah is the ideal solution to restore the beauty of your furnishings and protect them from damage; however, you can follow the following tips and instructions carefully and you will be able to remove the hardest types of stains.

In the following lines you will find instructions for dealing with the most difficult five types of spots and get rid of the chaos that surrounds you:

Can you clean up red wine stains and get rid of them?

Often when you have a party and host friends and co-workers; the carpet may suffer the worst types of stains, red wine. Although some say it is very beneficial for heart health, it is never good for your furnishings.

But a cleaning expert has pointed out a number of steps to help you remove carpet stains, including adding drops of plain water to the spot. Place a clean white cloth on the spot until the fluid is fully absorbed.

You can also use a vinegar mix with the normal cleaning fluid to get rid of spot effects where one teaspoon of white vinegar is added with drops of cleaning fluid and a small amount of warm water; mix the ingredients well and then use it to spray the spot.

Then press the spot well with a piece of sponge and rub it; but watch out so as not to cause the spread of the spot on a large scale.

Another solution that may help you deal with red wine stains is by adding one part of the dishwashing liquid with two parts of hydrogen peroxide placed on the spot, but first try this solution on an unseen area of ​​the carpet to make sure it does not leave white spots on the carpet.

If you cannot handle this type of spot yourself, be sure to contact the steam cleaning services in Jeddah and do not hesitate to make it easier for you to remove and protect your carpet from the composition and color.

Pet stains everywhere and you want to get rid of them!!

Pets are a favorite of many of us, but we certainly do not like the craps and stains they leave on carpet and house mats.

All you have to do is simply try to absorb as much liquid as possible using paper towels or clean cloth.

Then use cold water on the spot to remove the spots.

You can also buy a cleaner from a local market to help you remove the stains without too much effort, but be very careful while purchasing these products. There are products that leave negative effects and contain chemicals that harm the carpet fibers and harm your family. Orchida is the most effective product that helps you remove pet stains.

Also do not use tools that increase the heat of the carpet at this time so as not to settle the spot in the carpet fibers and so will be difficult to get rid of.

Is the patch still there after your attempt?! All you have to do is communicate with a professional to deal with the problem.

How do I deal with blood stains on carpet and carpet at home?!

This question worries many women; the wounds, however small, are bad enough and leave very hard stains on your carpet, a problem that is difficult for the home owner to deal with on her own, especially if they are widespread.

But one of the cleaning experts pointed to the possibility of dealing with blood stains with home remedies; simply add one tablespoon of dishwashing fluid with two cups of cold water, then you can apply this solution to the location of the spot and using a clean cloth click on the location of the spot until the fluid absorbs Full complaints.

Or you can add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the previous solution to get more efficiency, but as we mentioned earlier make sure that the substance will not leave a bad impact on your carpet.

If this powerful material cannot remove the stain on your furnishings, feel free to communicate with the cleaning services in Jeddah and make sure that the words are long waiting for you whenever it is difficult to deal with this spot.

There are old stains on the carpet and I want to remove them, what is the solution?!

We all know that leaving stains on the carpet for a long time will be difficult to remove later even with the use of hydrogen peroxide or cleaning products available in the local markets, and eventually resort to a cleaning company in Jeddah to get rid of that problem.

Simply dealing with old spots is very difficult and you will not be able to do the job yourself; you will need a specialist and equipment that can remove their effects without leaving a negative impact on your carpet fibers.


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