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How to clean carpet without water - Can carpet cleaning at home without chemicals?

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How to clean carpet without water - Can carpet cleaning at home without chemicals?
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How to clean carpet without water is the safe way to help you keep your furniture from damage, especially if you have children and pets in your home, in this case, the possibility of hard spots on your carpets or your furnishings double. If you really want to remove carpet stains and get rid of them quickly without affecting carpet fibers, it is better to communicate with a steam cleaning company in Jeddah, but there are some who prefer to deal with the problem themselves and therefore resort to the products and chemicals widespread and abundant in the local markets.

But is this solution safe enough to get deep carpet cleaning or is it just a waste of time?! Not only that, the use of those chemical products negatively affects the health of your children and pets.

But you can avoid this. Orkida has access to quick and effective carpet cleaning tips without the need to use any kind of harmful chemicals. These tips are recommended by a cleaning expert worldwide so you can trust them and rely on them to wash your carpets and furnishings.

How to clean carpet without water - Can carpet cleaning at home without chemicals?

We know very well that carpets are signs of beauty that give the house a different and attractive appearance. Therefore, every woman tries to keep this kind of furniture clean and shiny as if it looks new. Unfortunately, stains may come from food or drinks while eating or those unpleasant smells caused by urinating animals. On your bed. These stains are difficult to remove by traditional methods, but require certain steps to remove them without spreading or affect the carpet negatively.

This is what we will talk about in the following lines. Just pay close attention to the following instructions and implement them correctly, so you will be able to clean your carpet and keep it from stains and dirt.

  1. Using self-cleaning vacuum:

The vacuum cleaner is a modern technology that helps the lady in the house to do the hard cleaning without much effort. This machine also helps you to clean carpets and remove stains of any kind without the need to use water.

The broom contains fine bristles that can pick up the dust particles and dirt stuck in carpet fibers.

  1. Use shaving cream for stains sticking to carpets:

Sometimes, when a woman notices the fall of food or spilled food on the carpet, she quickly rearranges the furniture of the house to hide the traces of the stains, but the problem does not need to be done. You can use a small amount of water with a clean white cloth and get rid of the spot immediately

But .unfortunately there are difficult spots that do not benefit with the use of water only such as alcohol stains or urinate your pets, tea and coffee stains and also blood stains, in which case you will find the solution in your home is to use your shaving cream

All you have to do is apply the razor on the spot directly and leave it for several minutes and then using an old shaving brush to get rid of the effects of .cream. Then clean the area with a clean white cloth

  1. get rid of the smell of carpets:

The accumulation of dust and dirt on the carpet may cause the appearance of very bad odors, too. Pee pets leave smelly on your furnishings and you can simply get rid of this by adding two cups of cornstarch with one cup of borax and mix the ingredients well and then sprinkle the mixture on Carpets especially on areas where the odor is issued. After an hour or so, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet and remove the residue.

Some prefer not to use this method because of borax is a toxic chemical, but you can dispense with the use of starch and will get the same results.

  1. rub the damaged spots:

There are signs that you may leave on your carpet when you press your feet a lot on it. This problem may appear in front of many people, which cause the difference in the color of carpet or carpet.

But you can avoid this only by using your toothpaste, which contains effective substances that have the ability to remove hard spots.

  1. Remove the fatty spots:

Fatty spots are the worst types of stains that exist on your carpet or your furnishings because this is difficult to deal with. But using flour helps you get rid of these difficult spots and this by spraying a small amount of flour on the spot and after at least half an hour you can remove them using a vacuum cleaner.

The previous methods have proven to be very effective in carpet cleaning and getting rid of the stains and smelly effects, but if you want to get better results and keep your carpet from being damaged you will not find better contact with a Jeddah steam cleaning company that relies on the latest and best tannins in deep cleaning For furnishings such as carpets, carpets, curtains and others.


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