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How to clean carpet so dirty - How to clean carpets with modern cleaning methods

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How to clean carpet so dirty - How to clean carpets with modern cleaning methods
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Effective ways to clean the dirty carpet The modern houses are not without distinctive carpets of different shapes, colors and sizes. The carpet adds an aesthetic and warm touch to the room in which they are placed, especially if the colors match the colors of the furniture. However, homes with children or pets are often exposed to problems. And in this article we will talk about effective ways to clean the dirty carpets and how to keep the carpet from dirt too, and through some tips suggested by you dear reader site Orchida, then follow us if We have been cleaner in Sjadkm where we will learn together how to clean carpet cleaning methods and how to use modern vacuum cleaner as well as how deep cleaning of stains, and even home carpet appears in the best picture constantly.

How to clean carpet so dirty - How to clean carpets with modern cleaning methods:

There are many important tips that you will nominate, and if you are a dear reader interested in a clean house all you have to do is apply the following rules:
•    first rule:
If you have a light carpet, children or pets, be sure to wash the carpet two or three times a year. You should also follow the carpet manufacturer's cleaning instructions on the carpet or in books that come with the carpet at the time of purchase.
• Rule 2:
You should always protect your furniture and clean the floors especially near the carpet, and one must help you to empty the carpet from the furniture completely to see the spots and places of dirt clearly and for easy cleaning as well.
• Rule 3:
The detergent recommended by the carpet manufacturer should be used and if it is not possible to clean it yourself, use a specialist cleaning technician.
• Rule 4:
If you decide to clean the carpet with soap and water, you should leave the carpet to dry thoroughly, and make sure that the carpet is dry to prevent rotting of the carpet and to prevent moisture that may spoil the floors and bad odors.
• Rule 5:
If you decide to clean the carpet using steam cleaners, you should choose a strong carpet cleaning machine that can reduce the burden of water use, but choose a model that does not require a clean water connection and you should know that the use of the sea may cause damage to the carpet because it is not exposed to sufficient moisture. Causes shrinkage and change color and smell.

• Rule 6:
Dry carpet cleaning systems, which may work better than steam cleaners, can be used. A absorbent chemical is placed on the spots and then pulled by a special cleaning machine. This method is very effective in cleaning, but dry machines and chemicals are more expensive Of steam.
• Rule 7:
Carpet cleaners or carpet cleaners can be hired to clean it. Carpet cleaning companies use high quality detergents, stain removers and scents, but it can be very cumbersome to the home budget at times, although it is worth it if there are hard spots Removed at home especially in the presence of children or pets.
• Rule Eight:
You should clean the carpet at least once a day with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and food debris. Before cleaning, remove toys, papers, coins or objects that may obstruct or damage the vacuum cleaner. Do not forget to look down the furniture at the time of cleaning. Furniture, windows and front panels so that dust can then be pulled out of them, and you can use the extra vacuum nozzles to clean areas that are hard to reach. The edges of the carpet often combine dirt that must be removed.
If the furniture can not be moved, use the corner of the broom to reach the bottom of the sofas and other pieces to remove dirt.
The broom should be emptied of dust from time to time so that it is not filled with the last and the broom can not pull the dust with the same efficiency.
• Rule 9:
To get rid of the hair and lint that sticks to carpets from time to time, which may result from pets or from the use of hair brush to comb the hair every day, you can remove hair and lint by hand from the carpet or use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of them and then remove them.

At the end of the article, we hope that we have provided you with the tips you are looking for that may help you clean your dirty home carpets. You can use Orchida Carpet Cleaning Company in Jeddah to get the best quality services just contact us.


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