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How to catch rodents at home - simple and easy way to catch mice at kitchen

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How to catch rodents at home - simple and easy way to catch mice at kitchen
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How to Catch a Mouse at Home Some unwanted nuisance guests often visit us and enter our homes, farms, and workplaces, such as annoying mice that cause many problems, destroy many properties and also expose us to certain diseases. Mice will immediately identify some important ways to get rid of mice in this article ..

How to catch a mouse at home - A simple way to catch mice with the kitchen

Mice are one of the predators, they are basically plant animals, but in fact they eat anything that they find and increase their activity during the night. They have a strong sense of smell that enables them to know food places easily. Food is always available in places where humans are present and the problem of rats is exacerbated when they breed. They are rapidly multiplying and their numbers are constantly increasing so we always need an effective solution. What drives rats out of the house and we have some solutions:

Get rid of rats using traps and traps:

The non-hungry mouse will not be interested in eating the bait found in the trap before using it. First, make sure that there is no source of food by closing the garbage baskets tightly and keeping the food in sealed containers. Also, be sure to prevent it from water sources such as faucets. Close the drains and then put the food in the trap, which will attract the mouse immediately.

Using poison to get rid of rats:
To use the poison to kill the mice, we need to do the same precautions by leaving the mouse suffering from hunger and thirst, making sure there is no food source, keeping all the food in sealed containers, food for pets and checking the garbage baskets.

The mouse will not die if the poison is taken immediately, but it will take some time to eliminate it, allowing the mouse to go back to its hiding places. This brings us to the problem of getting rid of the body of the dead mouse, and often hiding the mouse inside the walls. And works to attract insects such as flies.

Shut all openings and get rid of the appropriate places as a shelter for mice:
It is very important to take this step to get rid of mice forever by filling all the openings and the smallest cracks and holes to prevent the rats from entering our areas and make sure the metal sheets surrounding the entrances of the pipes and spaces between the floor and the bottom of the doors can fill gaps around the pipes cement to ensure that mice Of penetration.

Disposal of anything that mice can use as shelter: piles of wood, old furniture and unused car structures, throwing garbage away from the house, demolishing unused buildings, and cutting off trees or plants around our property to ensure that mice do not have them.

After you close the openings and get rid of the places where the mice are likely to take place, it may take some time for the mice to leave. It is also easy not to discover all the holes and places where the mice are located. You may miss some of them, which may make you frustrated after doing all that effort.

You may wonder where the mouse lives in the house? What are the appropriate places for mice to hide?

Mice need the basic elements to survive from food, water and a protected place that is not at risk so they always choose their homes under buildings, water drains, sewers and garbage piles where they eat anything they find leftovers of food, garbage or sewage.

There are mice living on the ground inside buildings, sheds, trees and piles of wood where they are passionate about eating pet foods or food scraps.

Use safe methods to expel mice:

Some prefer the use of safe natural methods that expel mice to protect against the health risks of toxins and deadly substances for mice and also to avoid the problem of getting rid of dead mice to contain the bodies of these mice on the microbes and bacteria, which lead to injury to many diseases, and depends on the way to use plants with smell And you will not need to search for dead dead bodies in your property

The EPA noted that the use of this method is optimal since it is safe and effective when used according to the guidelines.


If you can not get rid of the mice using the familiar household methods, you can contact us with the Pest Control Company in Jeddah to help eliminate the mice and protect your home and property.



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