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How to Eliminate Small Cockroaches - 7 Simple and Safe Ways to Get Rid of Cockroach Eggs:

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How to Eliminate Small Cockroaches - 7 Simple and Safe Ways to Get Rid of Cockroach Eggs:
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How to Eliminate Small Cockroaches - Although small larvae of insects may appeal to some but not small cockroaches; these pests are of concern, especially if they are creeping insects. Worse, seeing a small cockroach means having a nest somewhere in the house. If you are already suffering from this problem and are looking for more information regarding cockroaches and their life cycle and how to eliminate them at home, well, you can follow the following lines. Orkida Pest Control gives you a comprehensive and simple report on cockroaches to assess the extent of the problem in your home.

How to Eliminate Small Cockroaches - 7 Simple and Safe Ways to Get Rid of Cockroach Eggs:

Small cockroaches are nymphs that have not reached full growth stages yet, nor do they have wings as you see in adult cockroaches. The small cockroach also has a lighter color than the adult except for the German cockroach, which is darker in color than other cockroaches.

We will explain in detail how small cockroaches look and how to identify them:

How do small cockroaches look?

The adult cockroach has an oval flat body with a small head covered with a proton, always finding their mouths bent down and bent backward.

Cockroaches also have six legs long and spiky to crawl through rooftops and houses, and use platforms that help them walk through ceilings and walls.

There are types of cockroaches that have flat wings bug their backs but do not rely on them in flight but use to protect the outer body from the climatic factors difficult, but most female cockroaches do not have wings like males.

Here are some of the most common types of cockroaches you may find at home:

  • American cockroach: characterized by a reddish-brown color with a length of about 40 mm in length.
  • German cockroach: It has a length of 13-16 mm in length and is predominantly dark brown.
  • Eastern cockroach: is one of the largest types of cockroaches and has a dark black color.
  • Wood cockroach: up to about 20 millimeters in length.

How can cockroach eggs be found?

If you see a small cockroach in your house, it means that there is a nest in any corner or corner of the house, or there are insects hiding in the walls of your home. But knowing the shape of egg capsules for cockroaches will help you tackle the problem at its root.

The cockroach female produces egg capsules that contain a large number of eggs depending on the type of cockroach. Each egg is coated with protein to protect it if it falls. Some insects leave their egg capsules in protected areas and provide them with all the food and water they need, but other insects carry white capsules with them until they are examined.

For women, the cockroach places white capsules with a dark brown color. The length of the egg is about 8 millimeters, and the female can put between 6 and 90 capsules during her life cycle and carry them with her for several days before hatching and when she is ready to leave them in a hidden and safe place. Each egg capsule contains 15 eggs and takes eggs for 24 to 38 days to hatch and complete its normal life cycle.

The Eastern Cockroach is a dark red egg capsule and extends from 8 to 10 mm in length. These capsules may appear as slightly swollen and contain about 16 eggs. The Eastern cockroach can produce 18 capsules during its life cycle. In addition, the Eastern cockroaches need 600 days to reach full maturity, but their development depends on the environment in which they grow.

There is also a brown striped cockroach that produces white capsules of dark red color and is about 5 mm long. The brown-brown cockroach female is able to put 20 egg capsules throughout their life cycle, each containing 10 to 18 eggs. It is said that it is easy to identify the planned brown cockroach nymphs because of the yellow stripe that extends through the upper abdomen. This type needs a period of three to six months to reach puberty.

German cockroaches produce egg white capsules ranging in length from 6 to 9 mm. Each capsule of egg capsules contains up to 50 eggs at least. Females carry egg capsules until they hatch, and these nymphs need at least 103 days to reach puberty.

Small German cockroaches grow very rapidly unlike most other types of cockroaches, which is why it is necessary to understand the problem at a greater time before becoming a serious infection.

How long do egg capsules need to hatch?

Cockroaches are just like other home insect species where they go through different stages of growth throughout their life cycle so they can reach puberty. Nymphs need at least 20 to 60 days to hatch.

Over time the wings of small nymphs grow with their genitals and then they can mate and produce more cockroaches. But the growth of the cockroach depends on the environment in which it grows on the type of cockroach as well.

What are the dangers of cockroaches?

No one likes cockroaches at home, but does their presence mean a risk to your family's health?

Of course, according to many scientific studies, which confirmed that small cockroaches carry many diseases, including viral infections and germs, the problem may get worse when the insect crawls into your kitchen and communicates with your stock of food.


In addition to the damage and risk, the substance caused by this insect in your home; where found types of cockroaches feed on wood and also eat the foods that store in your home. But if you fail to eliminate the small cockroaches, make sure they multiply over time and will not stop reproducing again and forming their own nest.

As we mentioned earlier, a German cockroach female may be able to put at least 50 eggs at a time; just imagine there are 50 insects in your house and numbers are increasing; this is, of course, a disaster.

You need to address the problem immediately before it develops and face the serious injury. This is what we will talk about in the following lines. But first, we will learn about the life cycle of the cockroach and what to eat and how to live.

Cockroach Life Cycle:

Now that you understand how dangerous cockroaches are in your home, it's time to start taking the right steps to get rid of them. To tackle the problem effectively, you first need to know the behavior of the insect and you will be able to choose the best treatment strategy to drive them out of your home.

Although cockroaches live in groups, they are not social. In a study of domestic insects, which confirmed that although there is enough space to spread cockroaches, they choose to assemble in one area so that they adapt to environmental conditions comfortably.

It is also an insect that has a social intelligence that affects the decisions of individual cockroaches. Cockroaches also prefer to be present in dark and dark areas and therefore often active at night and hiding in their nest during the day.

As for food behavior, cockroaches use any opportunity to get their own food, and if they do not get the food they prefer, they resort to the garbage containers and get it.

How to eliminate small cockroaches in your home?

Do you want to learn how to get rid of small cockroaches at home? It is not much different from the ways to eliminate the big cockroaches, all you have to do is follow one of the methods below to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen or bathroom or even your bedroom.

  1. Seal cracks and spaces:

In order to prevent cockroaches from entering your home, you have to deal with the points of entry you use regularly. That is why it is necessary to get rid of all the gaps and cracks in the walls, window frames, doors and more.

In addition, these spaces may be the only hiding place used by the insect to hide and therefore addressing the problem will help you get rid of them.

The first bad thing to do is to identify entry points that cockroaches may often use such as interior pipes, walls, floors, roofs, doors and also glass pipes. Then you mark the area that needs treatment. The next step is to use solids to fill small cavities.

  1. Cleaning your home:

After filling the gaps and cracks in each corner of the house, it is time to arrange the place and get rid of the mess. This is a technical step that helps you get rid of cockroaches and other household insects.

You should be aware that cockroaches in your home are for three reasons: food, water, and shelter. You simply give it everything you want. If you get rid of food sources, you will lose their endurance and also eliminate the water sources that will help you kill the cockroaches immediately.

Do not leave your food open so as not to give the insect a chance to eat its food, you should also store foods in sealed containers.

Also, do not leave the leftovers on the kitchen floor, wash the dirty dishes immediately and regularly dispose of the trash.

Take care to clean up the mess under the appliances and behind them like the oven and the refrigerator. Sometimes the food crumbs may creep into those corners and so the insect gets its food.

  1. Use cockroaches:

Pest control experts say that spraying traps with favorite foods in places where they frequently hesitate has an effective effect in eliminating small cockroaches, but why ?!

Only if you can find out where the cockroaches are hiding, you have to apply the traps nearby and in this way, you will be able to kill large numbers of insects in a very short time.

These traps contain toxic chemicals that kill the insect immediately and drive it out of the house.

  1. the use of natural cockroach repellent:

Some people may be afraid to use pesticides and toxic substances for fear of children and pets at home; but do not worry, there are a range of natural drivers you can use to drive cockroaches out of your home.

For example, orange oil, which scientists stressed that the active ingredient in this oil has an effective effect in killing cockroaches and completely eliminate them. Cockroaches cannot tolerate the smell of catnip, so leave the leaves of mint in the areas that hesitate to continue to help in the expulsion faster.

Lavender leaves are also not as effective in eliminating cockroaches in your home; most importantly, they do not leave any harmful side effect on the environment or on your family.

  1. Using borax:

Borax is another simple solution that helps you get rid of cockroaches quickly; this powder is relied upon by many in the cleaning and disposal of hard spots and is therefore suitable for dealing with domestic insects.

The effect of the borax is that it causes the outer structure of the cockroaches to dry out and thus die gradually, but that material does not have a deadly impact immediately, so you have to leave it first near the nest to get rid of as many as possible insect.

Although borax is not toxic, it is best not to leave it near pets and children so as not to suffer from serious side effects such as allergies etc.


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