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How to Eliminate Cockroaches in The Kitchen 6 Natural Ways to Eliminate Cockroaches in Your Home

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How to Eliminate Cockroaches in The Kitchen 6 Natural Ways to Eliminate Cockroaches in Your Home
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How to eliminate cockroaches in the kitchen with herbs? Is it necessary to use a pesticide to kill cockroaches or that natural ways may meet the purpose?! Well dealing with domestic cockroaches and other insects may be difficult for some, especially people who do not have enough experience to deal with domestic insects.

But, do not worry!!

Orchid pest Control gives you the best way to eliminate cockroaches in the kitchen quickly and safely without exposing your family to any kind of serious damage or side effects. Just read the following lines...

How to Eliminate Cockroaches in The Kitchen 6 Natural Ways to Eliminate Cockroaches in Your Home

Cockroaches are one of the most depressing pests on the planet. They carry not only diseases and bacteria, but they are also associated with a dirty environment such as garbage, baths and sewage. Many housewives suffer from cockroaches that disgust the whole family and frighten young children.

So when you notice any cockroaches in your home you should immediately get rid of them, and you can follow many of the ways we will explain in the following lines to eliminate them, do not forget the need to take preventive measures to protect the home from these insects or resort to the request of assistance from the insect control companies that have Of the possibilities and specialists to enable you to fully help and get rid of them completely.

If you want to do the job yourself, just find out where the cockroaches are hiding and when you are active. After that, just apply one of the following solutions in places where you are on a continuous basis and help you eliminate the cockroaches in the kitchen.

Follow one of the following natural solutions to eliminate cockroaches:

Bread and sugar soda:

The mixture of soda and bread is the most effective way to get rid of cockroaches in a short time and you will notice a rapid decline in the number of cockroaches in your home. This mixture is also safe and has no toxic substances such as boric acid and insecticides.

Use this mixture in places where cockroaches hide regularly until you notice the disappearance of this annoying insect from your home.

Here's what you'll need:

  1. Bread soda
  2. Sugar
  3. Pot or cup

We will need to mix equal parts of baking soda with parts like sugar and its role in this mixture to attract cockroaches only and not kill them, and then put it in all the places where the cockroaches are located, and you will notice after a short period that the number is reduced and thus eliminated in a natural way.

Boric acid:

Some studies have shown that boric acid is one of the most effective agents for killing and eliminating cockroaches and insects. It is available in all local markets and can be easily obtained at any time, but you should be careful when using it because it is not safe. It contains some toxic substances and causes many diseases in the long term. the long.

So you will need to keep children and pets away from where you use it. Spray acid in cockroaches, in narrow corners, under electrical devices and behind. Once the acid is placed, the animals will go to the animal and die instantly so you can completely eliminate the cockroaches.

Spray cleaner for cloth:

The fabric softener is also available to eliminate cockroaches in a safe manner. It can be used on floors, in confined spaces, behind appliances, under furniture, and in all hard-to-reach places.

Mix 3/4 cups of disinfectant with 1/2 cup of water in the glass and the solution will be fairly thick and then sprinkle in all places where cockroaches, floors, walls and cockroaches are present. This disinfectant is a safe solution to help you. Get rid of cockroaches completely.

Laurie or laurel paper:

If you do not want to kill cockroaches and you just want to keep them away from your home, lorry paper is one of the best ways to repel cockroaches away from your home. It is also non-toxic and does not pose any danger to pets in your home or small children.

Just crush the leaves thoroughly using a bowl and pestle or anything solid or using your hands but it will take longer and then spray this powder in the areas where you always find cockroaches because it has a very strong and pungent smell which works to deter cockroaches and stop them from entering your home, Of cockroaches quite naturally.

Peels or lemon juice:

The smell of lemon is often associated with a clean home. Lemon is used in the most common household detergent in the world because it is a powerful agent that has the ability to remove stains and fat, but what many do not know is that it can repel cockroaches and expel them too.

Just buy lemon juice and sprinkle in small and small places where cockroaches exist or you can mix it with water well but keep its rest strong as it is used to clean the surfaces and floors and thus deter the cockroaches and repel from home and also be the smell of the house is beautiful so you can eliminate the cockroaches best Natural and safest roads.


Coffee is one of the most common materials that attract cockroaches. We can use them to attract cockroaches to a certain place, then kill them and get rid of them by dumping them. All you need is coffee and some burgers. Fill the coffee with the coffee, add water and add a small amount of Vaseline. And remain in the water and die.

Repeat this process several times and you will find that the number of cockroaches decreases and then disappears completely and thus have been able to get rid of the cockroaches in a safe and natural way.

Despite the effectiveness of previous methods to eliminate the cockroaches in your home, but the best way to get rid of household insects is to communicate with a professional or professional expert from Orkida pest control company and that is because it has the experience to know all the corners that hide cockroaches, Effective products that eliminate cockroaches quickly and safely without hurting your children or your favorite animal.


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