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How to Clean Ink from the sofa - Eliminate ink marks with simple and easy steps

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How to Clean Ink from the sofa - Eliminate ink marks with simple and easy steps
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How to clean ink from the sofa?! This question posed by a housewife when their five-year-old children quarreled was the end of the battle drops of ink from the pen on the skin, and despite the numerous attempts to clean the ink stains of the cup, but the products that are used to cause the color of the sofa turned to white These marks are hard to get rid of.

But you can clean the sofa from the stains, whether those patches of ink stains or white spots and this is what we will know in this topic, where Orchida offers you the best ways to help you remove the ink stains from the cupboard and protect your home furniture from damage, continue with us...

How to Clean Ink from the sofa - Eliminate ink marks with simple and easy steps

Of course, with children at home, such disasters will always be present, but the good news is that they can overcome these disasters and remove stains from the cane.

When it comes to ink stains, you have to remember two things. The first is to stay away from using water completely. This is because water reacts with the ink and makes it clearer. In addition, it is difficult to get rid of the effects completely. The second thing is that alcohol is the preferred detergent in front of you.

Also, when you use any alcohol to clean the spots, be careful not to place them directly on the spot. Apply alcohol to a piece of clean cloth or a piece of sponge and then thoroughly rub the spot. This step may need to be repeated several times until you get rid of the effects. The patches are final.

You can also rely on the hair spray available in the house always and the secret of the effectiveness of this product in the removal of ink stains from the cup is to contain alcohol, but before using these ingredients you should review the ingredients first because most modern products do not contain alcohol and so may end up wasting Hair is useless.

Using previous methods has proven to be very effective with many people to remove ink stains but if you do not get the result you want from using this component you can ask a professional about effective stain removal products, and the most famous brands used in the removal of ink stains the following product:

 Motsenbocker's Lift Off:

 Although the use of this basic product is not the removal of ink stains, the effective component in this product WD-40 helps remove the ink stains from the different types of cups. All you have to do is spray the droplets of this product onto the spot and wipe it. . Do not worry, this product does not leave any harmful side effect on your health or your family's health

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You can save this effort and suffering and leave the entire responsibility to a steam cleaning company in Jeddah and it helps you remove the ink stains and get rid of the effects and also restore the beauty and shine again.


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