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House Cleaning - The best tips and methods used to clean the house

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House Cleaning  - The best tips and methods used to clean the house
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Cleaning your house No matter what your situation and responsibilities, it is your first task to provide comfort and order in your home, and to devote part of your time to cleaning the house periodically, daily, weekly or even monthly, to ensure a healthy and healthy atmosphere for your family members and be ready for any visit from any guest. To complete the tasks of cleaning the house the fastest and easiest way, which saves you time and effort, and say goodbye to chaos and dust.

Home Cleaning - The best tips and methods used to clean the house

Organize your time dear to be able to accomplish all the tasks.

Make a table to clean the house and organize your priorities and make cleaning time in line with the time of other tasks.

Give me a daily time to clean up some basic things like laundry, toilet, weekly cleaning of rooms, clothes, and last month for large cleaning operations such as carpets.

Use sanitary appliances to keep your skin from being damaged and to protect yourself from microbes such as gloves.

Use different detergents of quality and do not overdo them so as not to counterproductive.

Stay away from the random cleaning house, start horizontally or vertically from small to large or vice versa to save time and effort, for example, if you clean the floor do not clean part of the center and then part of the corner.

Do not postpone some tasks for another time, which means more pressure and other tasks.

Do not bother cleaning the staff, interior parts, corners, bottom and behind the furniture so as not to accumulate dust and dirt over time.

Engage family members in the responsibility of cleaning the house, such as making everyone responsible for cleaning and arranging their objects or helping to clean up another part of the house.

Remove bathroom cleaning tools from the rest of the household cleaning tools, especially the kitchen.

Clean the cleaning tools from time to time and do not leave dirt and dust residues and keep them close to your fingertips. You can also keep spare parts and tools for alternative cleaning in case of initial damage.


How to clean house and clean rooms and house parts in easy and simple ways

Of course, the cleaning of the rooms differs from cleaning the kitchen and polishing the glass, not wiping the floor so here are some tips and tricks for each part of the house.

Bathroom Cleaning:

It is one of the most difficult places to clean, which you feel uncomfortable cleaning and to make the task of cleaning the bathroom easier, clean the bathroom on a daily basis so as not to accumulate dirt and layers of bacteria and cause bad smell

Clean the toilet with a custom brush with a disinfectant to eliminate the germs, clean the bathtub after finishing bathing, and it will be easier and faster to clean than if you let it clean after a while.

Use cloth to wipe steam and moisture from glass and ceramics. Do not leave soap residue in the tub. Also use a glass of mirrors, as well as a strong aroma and make sure the air is airy.

Kitchen cleaning :

Of course, it is one of the most places where dirt, fat, food scraps, food smells, stove and oven smells accumulate, and cleaning is very important to ensure that the food you have mined for your family is safe and does not harm their health.

Clean the kitchen as long as you are inside Do not leave any dirty containers in the basin and do not wait for the stains and remnants of food falling until dry and difficult to remove, but clean the place after falling directly.

Use half a lemon to clean rust, sodium bicarbonate to polish utensils, use vinegar to get rid of fat and use detergents available in multi-use shops.

Use hot water to get rid of food scraps attached to cooking utensils, do not leave garbage in the kitchen for more than a day, especially the remnants of rotten food quickly get rid of them.

Wipe the kitchen surface with a cloth dampened with vinegar and water daily. Make sure you do not leave the kitchen window open so that rodents and insects do not enter the kitchen.

rooms cleaning :

Here, distribute the tasks and make everyone in your family responsible for arranging his / her room daily, such as having your child arrange his bed after waking up or collecting his toys after finishing playing and folding his clothes and placing them in the closet.

Then clean up the cleaning tasks, such as carpet cleaning, dust removal and floor survey.

Use a glass cloth to polish the mirrors and glass. Use a cloth to polish the wood with wood polish. Using the vacuum cleaner, you can reach the corners and narrow corners.

Put each type of purpose in a custom drawer, which makes it easier to search for it. You can also move furniture with the help of a member of your family and rearrange it, breaking the routine and renewing the spirit in the room. Get rid of the objects that you do not need, such as donating or selling them. The place is crowded.


When you do your daily tasks and organize a periodic cleaning schedule you can do other tasks. You can use a cleaning company in Jeddah to clean and arrange your house in the best way or a steam cleaning company in Jeddah to clean only carpets, rugs and curtains.


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