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Getting rid of cockroaches in a natural way - simple ways to help eliminate them

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Getting rid of cockroaches in a natural way - simple ways to help eliminate them
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Cockroaches are one of the most harmful insects to humans. It is also one of the most repulsive organisms for many of us. It also carries diseases between her legs wherever you go. Cockroaches in homes are associated with poor hygiene at many times, so we at Orchid will provide you with some Tips that help to get rid of cockroaches naturally and without great cost through that article, where the house contains each of us some natural ingredients that may be useful in the elimination of cockroaches will be the most important:

Getting rid of cockroaches in a natural way - simple ways to help eliminate them:

There are a variety of home methods that contribute to the elimination of cockroaches from the use of soda bicarbonate, to boric acid, as well as cloth cleaning sprays, laurel leaves, peels, lemon juice and coffee, and we will provide you with the best ways to use each of these ingredients to eliminate cockroaches.

Bicarbonate Soda and Sugar:

Sodium bicarbonate, which is used in baking, can be mixed with a little sugar and used to get rid of the cockroaches in a natural and effective way. You will notice for yourself how low the number of cockroaches will continue to use that mixture and to start applying that method you will need to.

Sugar baking soda A bowl or cup where equal parts of baking soda are mixed with sugar inside the container and then distributed well in areas where cockroaches are suspected to occur, leading to the death of cockroaches. It is worth mentioning that sugar has no role in getting rid of cockroaches, that he will attract her to the mix, and then her death.

Boric acid:

It is one of the most effective ways to get rid of both cockroaches and ants, as it has great effectiveness in eliminating these insects. The acidity of the boric acid is that it is not safe for consumption. As long-term exposure to uric acid may cause poisoning, so there are some important points to consider when sprinkling your home's boric acid, including placing the boric acid in a dry place because it is ineffective. In wet areas, you should also spray moray acid powder in the areas where the cockroaches are present, in order to treat them, leading to disposal.

Fabric cleaning sprayer:

This spray is an effective home remedy for getting rid of cockroaches in a natural way. Detergents can kill cockroaches, but they can not be placed on the floor. They should be sprayed on the cockroaches you see in your home. The water in a spray bottle, while keeping it in an accessible place to use immediately after seeing the cockroaches, it is worth mentioning that the cockroaches breathe through the skin, and when sprayed that thick spray, it fills their breathing outlets causing them to suffocate quickly, as an alternative to fabric cleaner and so on It is not available at home, and dish soap can be used instead of cloth cleaner, but the detergent remains the most effective.

Laurel leaves:

Laura leaves are used to get rid of cockroaches in a natural way. They act as natural chicks for cockroaches from the area where they are present because cockroaches hate the smell of laurel leaves and can not bear them. The larvae are crushed and placed in the areas where cockroaches are located. Cockroaches recognize their smell and move away from home and can also be placed slices or crusts of choice around the house as a cockroach.

Peels and lemon juice:

Lemon is used with a lot of household detergents to eliminate stains and grease. It can also be used to get rid of cockroaches. Lemon peel and juice are also placed in hard-to-reach areas where cockroaches are found. Water and lemon are mixed in a bowl, Lemon must be higher than water, so there is a strong smell of lemon, and the surface of the cockroaches is cleaned, where the smell of lemon juice to keep the cockroaches away from home.


Cockroaches can breathe in the water for 40 minutes, but if they are completely immersed in water, they may be able to breathe in the water for 40 minutes. They may live for 30 minutes, so Vaseline should be placed inside the jar so that the cockroaches If you do not succeed in getting rid of the cockroaches, you should seek out a professional from Orchid Pest Control to help you complete the task you want to rid your house of cockroaches, because it is the best company to fight cockroaches in Jeddah in terms of quality and trained labor.can not get out of the jar. The jars must be monitored daily to get rid of the dead cockroaches and prepare them to receive the new live cockroaches.

The jar is left for several weeks until cockroaches are completely eliminated. Follow traditional solutions using a pesticide Pests sold in markets where some may be seen as natural home remedies as less deadly than insecticides.


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