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Getting rid of cockroaches - the best natural way to fight cockroaches

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Getting rid of cockroaches - the best natural way to fight cockroaches
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Getting rid of cockroaches Cockroaches are one of the most troublesome domestic insects, not only for their nasty form but because they are disease carriers. Their contact with food causes bacteria and microbes to migrate to food. Cockroaches must be combated in all possible ways.


Getting rid of cockroaches - the best natural way to fight cockroaches

Sugar mixture with soda:
One of the easiest ways to get rid of cockroaches at all. Equal amounts of sugar and soda are needed in the corners and places where cockroaches are spread. Soda reaches to the gastrointestinal acid, leading to eventual death.

Soap Solution:
Place a reasonable amount of liquid soap in a liter of lukewarm water, then stir well and spray the solution directly over the cockroaches, or where they are located.
The effectiveness of this solution lies in the fact that the catapult absorbs soap from the external pores, leading to the spread of soap inside the body and death due to poisoning.

Ammonia solution:
An effective solution to keep the cockroaches away from your home, just add two cups of ammonia to a bucket filled with water, then pour the bucket on the floor of the bathroom and kitchen, and observe the cockroaches escape away.
The smell of ammonia causes the irritation of cockroaches, making it a practical solution to prevent them if used every two weeks.

Use garlic, onion, and pepper:
Place a tablespoon of pepper powder on a layer of garlic, in addition to grated onions on a liter of water mixed with soap, and spray the solution in places where the cockroaches spread.
The spicy smell of the mixture sends out the cockroaches, and the soap kills them, so it is the best way to get rid of the cockroaches.

Action trap option:
Some peelings of cucumber or even a scraper are placed on an aluminum sheet and left overnight, where the fluid in the option interacts with the aluminum material producing an odor that cockroaches can not tolerate.


Effective chemical methods for the disposal of cockroaches:

These methods are used as a last resort when the density of your cockroaches is greater than the ability of natural materials to kill them.

There are many types of pesticides in the market, each of which contains very powerful chemicals, and is usually very effective in the process of getting rid of cockroaches.

They are used to spray cracks in the walls, places where cockroaches are expected to be found, the bathroom and the kitchen, and in the trash can not overlook high wet areas.

Action for cockroaches:
The cockroach trap is an adhesive that has an odor that attracts nearby cockroaches. When the cockroach is walking, it sticks firmly to it, to be thrown into the trash later.

Generation or taste cockroaches Slow effect:
This taste contains a chemical gel, acting as a slow-acting name for cockroaches, attracting as many cockroaches as possible and dying all at once. Use it once a week to get a cockroach-free house.

Cm Cockroaches Center:
It is widely available in the market and is placed in corners and areas where cockroaches are spread. Use it once every two weeks is enough to eliminate any cockroaches.

It can also be mixed with water, then spray the solution into the cracks of the walls and narrow places, and it can be added to the surveyed water, to clear the floors.
Repeat this method once a week to obtain permanent protection from cockroaches.

Professional pesticides:
If your home suffers from a strong and intense cockroach invasion, you can use those pesticides that contain very strong chemicals, enough to kill all the cockroaches and other insects present in the place and even prevent them for up to three months.

Safety instructions to be followed during the disposal of cockroaches and the use of chemicals:

Use chemicals cautiously:
Chemicals vary by their strength from medium-acting chemicals to other very powerful substances that require special treatment, so use those materials as needed.

Keep chemicals away from children:
If you have children at home, or even pets, use chemicals cautiously and prevent your children from getting into the places that have been sprayed for a long time.

Wear a protective mask and gloves while using pesticides:
Pesticides are a practical and quick solution in the process of getting rid of cockroaches, but it may harm your health if you do not protect yourself from exposure during use. So if it is necessary, protect yourself from breathing or touching it.

Prevention of cockroaches and the disposal of cockroaches Forever:
You can always protect your home from cockroaches by following some guidelines, including the following:

Garbage includes kitchen trash that is disposed of every day of course, but if your home surface contains damaged furniture, decomposed wood or even
Do not leave any chance to accumulate garbage:
korud ornamental plants, this is a good environment for cockroaches to be concentrated.

Clean it well so as not to let cockroaches place.

Block the cracks in the walls:
The cliffs see the cracks in the walls as a luxury place to stay, they are a good hideaway, close to the vital places in the city of cockroaches, like the kitchen to get food, and the bathroom to get a resort and private beaches.

So filling these cracks is a displacement of those cockroaches and effective ways to get rid of cockroaches

Prepare preventive traps:
Always make some traps for cockroaches, even if your home is clean and free of cockroaches. Prevention is always better than cure. Cockroaches are fast-growing, and if you start a small patch of cockroaches, they will multiply quickly and uncontrollably.

If all of the above methods do not work, it is time to hire professionals at a PestControl control company in Jeddah, where they have the knowledge and ability to fight cockroaches based on rules and rules that ensure the client to get rid of cockroaches completely.



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