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Get rid of mice forever - Here are many ways you can eliminate mice

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Get rid of mice forever - Here are many ways you can eliminate mice
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No one can welcome the presence of mice at home, because many of us consider them to be disgusting creatures, and to carry the disease and pollution with them wherever they are. Therefore, if you find a hole in your home, you should immediately get rid of it. orkida helps you get rid of the rats completely.

Get rid of mice forever - Here are many ways you can eliminate mice:

The mice prefer to sneak into the house and live among humans, but you must take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of mice in the habitat, rather than find chaos and cirrhosis and diseases everywhere around you, as the mice are waiting for the opportunity to enter your home to find the appropriate shelter , Which grows quickly, especially if the conditions of the house helped it, so you must be careful enough to prevent the rodents from entering your home, as the mice are waiting for sleeping opportunities at home or leave him to begin her journey in roaming and spreading pollution And the disease at home, so if you miss your home so much do not D that the closure of all ports that may enter them mice, can also put traps mice and mice that fall out with ease, the following will also talk about

Some important tips that contribute to getting rid of mice forever:
1-Tighten all doors and windows in the house:

It is time to punish those borrowers who do not stop sneaking into your home by checking all the corners and corners of the house that they do not have outlets that the mice can access, as well as closing all doors and windows during your absence from home so that this is not And if you find some openings or cracks in the house, you should not leave them as well and fill them immediately, and avoid filling them with rubber, plastic or wood, because these materials make it easier for mice to bite them easily and penetrate your home also, The windows are dark when mice are active J Evening, you must learn that
Mice If your home is infiltrated, you will be left with at least 75 black pellets per day. Although the information is difficult to find, the mice 's faeces are evidence of their presence, and their direction helps you determine where they live, so you can get rid of them. Permanently.

2 - use rat trap:

The Mousetrap is one of the most important tips if you want to get rid of the rats completely. The wooden trap is the most famous trap used in hunting rats, where it acts as a trap for them, after placing a piece of cheese as an attractive material for mice and then hang them as soon as they enter them and can not get out of them Never, more than one trap can be placed in several places at home if you suspect there is more than one mouse in the house.

3. Use glue traps:

This method is an effective way to get rid of the mice completely, because it succeed in arresting the mouse and paralyzing the movement of the final, which makes it easy to get rid of, where the trap is a sticky and as soon as the mouse approaches it until the body clears completely and you can then catch it and eliminate it A piece of cheese, butter, peanut, dried food or oatmeal can be placed as bait to attract the mouse to the trap. Once the bait is tied with the trigger, the rat is attracted to it. The food must be fresh and have a pungent odour to give a positive result. Attract mice to it.

4. Keep the house clean continuously:

Whether the mice are in your home or office, cleaning and cleaning the house is very important and helps to get rid of the mice. Care must be taken to keep the house clean and well maintained because the faeces attract the mice and make them prefer to live in that place. Cleaning the furniture periodically, wiping it all out. Disposal of food and girls' residues, disposing of empty cans and cans of sweets and bottles. Garbage should be disposed of daily, not left long without unloading the box. Do not use Plast bags As far as possible, because the teeth of the sharp mice can penetrate, not only to get rid of garbage and throw it outside the house only, but must be removed from the house completely, and make sure they are not near you, so as not to be attractive to mice sooner or later, as The grass that surrounds the house should be minimized to attract insects and rodents. All burrows and insect habitat should be destroyed. The less debris and chaos in and around the house, the less insects and rodents will be from the house.

If the insecticide does not succeed in getting rid of the mice too, you should seek the help of a specialist from Orkida for insect control to help you complete the task you want to rid your home of mice because it is the best company to fight mice in Jeddah in terms of proficiency and trained workers.


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