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Extermination of cockroaches - Can cockroaches be controlled in the home in natural ways?

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Extermination of cockroaches - Can cockroaches be controlled in the home in natural ways?
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Extermination of cockroaches and house insects is the problem that many homeowners and institutions are looking for. Cockroaches are ugly insects that infect homeowners with many diseases. Although it is a difficult process but can be done without the use of chemical products that cause more damage and serious complications.

Extermination of cockroaches - Can cockroaches be controlled in the home in natural ways?

You should act quickly when you see a cockroach in your home and start the anti-cockroaches operation as soon as possible. As soon as the cockroaches move to your home you feel like you are sharing the food that you and your family are eating, and you are giving them the conditions you need to grow and reproduce normally. This means that after a few days the presence of these cockroaches causes the spread of terrible numbers of household insects in every corner from the corners of the house, cockroaches are characterized by their ability to reproduce quickly.

Now we will talk about the causes of cockroaches of unwanted insects in your home:

  1. Cockroaches cause contamination of all contact with their saliva, which carries different types of dangerous viruses and bacterial infections.

  2. It is known that cockroaches prefer to eat free meals and therefore feed on the remnants of food in the dirty dishes and foods scattered on the ground.

  3. Cockroaches feed on books because of their favorite cellulose, which causes damage to any kind of cardboard in your home.
  4. Cockroaches cause the spread of allergies, rashes and food poisoning.

The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to prevent them from getting close to your home. This may be easy if you can follow a set of precautionary measures to ensure you do not get cockroaches. These measures include:

  1. Water sources: As we all know, cockroaches are attracted to places that have high humidity. This is why you should protect your home from spills and repair pipes and extensions that have a problem. You should be aware that the available water sources are always the best friend of the palaces. Your home from this insect should keep the house dry.
  2. Food: Make sure that the food is stored in sealed containers, do not leave the leftovers in places easy for cockroaches to reach them, also may be able to recognize the cockroaches of the smell of food and so easily reach him.
  3. Cleaning immediately: After you finish eating, you should clean the dishes immediately and leave them in the kitchen sink for the morning because you give the cockroaches enough food, be sure to clean your kitchen floor and get rid of dirty dirt.
  4. Garbage Disposal: When cockroaches search for food, they usually go to the garbage containers and remember that it is necessary to get rid of garbage every day and not leave it near your home.
  5. Carpet cleaning: Cockroaches do not need a lot of food enough for those crumbs that fall on you on carpet or rugs while eating, this means that it is necessary to clean the carpet vacuum cleaner always.
  6. Get rid of wood debris: Cockroaches prefer to live in piles of wood so make sure to keep those piles away from home, if you do not need them, you should get rid of them immediately.
  7. Treatment of cracks and gaps: cracks and gaps scattered in the house, especially around door and window frames are the entry points used by the insect to always attack your home, so you have to fill those gaps by cutting the solid so that the insect cannot deal with them.

Following these measures will actually help you prevent cockroaches from approaching your home, but what will you do if you suffer from cockroaches?

You can follow one of the following treatments that will help you fight and exterminate cockroaches:

  1. The use of baits:

These poisonous baits can be used in areas where cockroaches are active and also near small cracks. Initially cockroaches will be attracted to the bait, eat and then return to their nest and die instantly. Other insects feed on the dead bodies. Immediately, this means that the use of baits can help you eliminate terrible numbers of cockroaches at a very fast time. The only problem with this method is that cockroaches may die anywhere in the house and may die behind your walls, but a dead cockroach in your home is much better than a live one, right?

  1. Use of water and soap mixture:

You can add drops of normal cleaning fluid to an appropriate amount of water and then keep it in a spray bottle, then use it to spray the cockroaches several times, although the cockroaches try to escape until the mixture causes its death in about one minute as the soap causes In the obstruction of the pores of the cockroaches and cause suffocation immediately, then get rid of infected cockroaches immediately.

  1. Use traps:

The traps can be used to eliminate cockroaches at home. At first these traps seem attractive to cockroaches, but as soon as you approach them, you can not escape and you will be able to kill them. You may find these traps in the local markets.

  1. Adhesive tapes:

You can add glue in areas where the cockroaches are active permanently and when the insect contacts those adhesive strips, it dies instantly.

When you see a cockroach in your home, it is impossible to tell if the infection has been eradicated or not. That is why you need an insect control company in Jeddah that relies on several effective methods and techniques to get rid of various types of household insects



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