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Eliminate small cockroaches in the kitchen

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Eliminate small cockroaches in the kitchen
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Eliminate small cockroaches in the kitchen are their natural ways may help to drive cockroaches out of the house and protect your family from the damage they may be exposed because of its existence?! Unfortunately, cockroaches are one of the most dangerous household insects that can infect your home. Do you know why?!!

This is because it, unfortunately, carries many germs and harmful viral and bacterial infections that harm the health of your children, in addition to the physical damage caused by this insect to your home furniture, so eliminating cockroaches in the kitchen is the only solution to stop this problem permanently.

Eliminate small cockroaches in the kitchen

Many housewives suffer from the presence of a lot of harmful insects and the most dangerous cockroaches, especially small insects, which live inside the refrigerator and inside the cooking utensils and leave the waste inside and inside the cabinets in the house, which disgusts all members of the family and also raise fear and horror in young children because of its disgusting landscape, and It also causes them significant damage because of their transport to diseases as a result of their contaminants.

But do not worry, so you can eliminate the cockroaches in the kitchen. You can follow many ways to get rid of cockroaches in just 7 days, which we will explain to you on this subject, along with the need to take preventive measures to protect the home from these insects.

The paste of cockroaches for uric acid results in easy steps:

If you want to get rid of cockroaches in a few simple steps, follow these instructions:

· Use Harris Boric Acid, which helps you get rid of cockroaches and kill them easily. This is because this active ingredient causes the insect to suffocate immediately.

· Place the bait in places where there can always be cockroaches, such as inside the cupboards and behind the devices and under furniture, appliances, garbage cans and cracks so that you can easily kill and get rid of them.

· Use the lamp ashtray and put the boric acid into the trash can and leave it open to eat and die.

· You can put the boric acid on the boards and inside the cracks and gaps in the wall, which prevents them from fleeing and expose them to death.

· Cleaning every night and put all food away from the places of cockroaches and cover well and not leave any dishes are not clean in the basin because it attracts cockroaches.

· Continue to use the bait to rhythm and permanent cleaning so you can get rid of them completely.

This is the most effective method you have always used. However, you have to be patient because these solutions do not provide immediate and clear results. You should wait up to 7 days to see dead cockroaches and start seeing noticeable results and within a few months, they will be eliminated forever. She did not attract more from abroad and that is what we want.

 Kinds of cockroach - Identify the pest you deal with:

 You must know the type of insect you deal with there are at least 3000 known types of cockroaches in the world, but the most common four types are:

- The most common German clutches.

- American cockroach.

- brown cockroach.

- The Eastern Cockroach.

These are just the four most common but not the only ones that may also deal with wood crickets or others, and even if you are dealing with a completely different species from those mentioned, the information here applies to any type of cockroaches and treatments and solutions you find here working with all of them.

Knowing the type of cockroaches, you deal with will make your fight against them much faster and easier. Each type of cockroach has its favourite food, which is where you get it, so the more you know what to do, the better you will get rid of them in less time. The species you deal with are picking up a few of them through traps; by glue which simply makes cardboard and adhesives that stop them in place, so you can easily identify them and deal with them in the right way.

- To accelerate the process of fishing and determine the type you deal with, first put some small food crumbs in the middle of the trap, which helps in attracting cockroaches to the adhesive and thus be able to determine its type.

- Second, select the place where the trap is placed so that it works effectively, such as places inside cracks, under furniture, and narrow spaces that are difficult to clean and access.

Once you have taken a number of cockroaches in your home consult with specialists to examine and know the type and based on what you use the information on this site to deal with and disposal.

The reason cockroaches are in the house - why cockroaches attack you?

These pests love to live among humans where there are warmth and shelter and easy access to food and water, in other words, they are just looking for a place to stay; your home gives them what they want and more, so you find them in a permanent attack on you.

And if you wonder, what attracts cockroaches to your home?!

As you mentioned before, your home provides them with the necessities of life, such as warmth, food and drink, and when you leave the food left in the tub for example or leave food dishes exposed, this works to attract cockroaches, and once one turns to any of these things others make their way and discover their lives easily in the place They are quickly and in very large numbers, and if they are not treated properly, the bacteria will spread significantly and will be difficult to eradicate later.

So, the best way to keep your house free from cockroaches is to keep it clean. If you reduce your sources of food and water sources, your home will never get any kind of cockroaches.

How to get rid of cockroaches forever

Reduce food sources:

Make it difficult for them to find food in your home by:

- Do not leave dishes unclean in sinks.

- Put the food in containers well coated so that cockroaches cannot reach.

- Reduce chaos such as toys, clothes, etc. so you can clean well.

- Cover food and leave it uncovered.

- Use the broom on a daily basis to keep your house clean.

- Pay close attention to the closure of garbage cans well so that the cockroaches cannot reach them and feed on the remnants of food in them.

- Do not leave the garbage for long periods at home and take it out.

Reducing water sources:

You can reduce water sources by:

- Identify all leakage plumbing including fixtures that drip and wastewater.

- Drying all kitchens, bathrooms and other basins in the house every night before bedtime.

- Clear and dry any water anywhere in the house.

- Cover all banks like sink and bathtub at night.

Keeping the house clean and tidy:

One of the most important factors that protect your home from any pests is to keep it clean and tidy. Removing all water and food is always very difficult, so it has to be replaced with permanent cleaning by reducing chaos, removing toys and clothing and keeping the house in order. Safe in these ranked places.

Daily cleaning takes a lot of time each day and sometimes you cannot keep up with it but you can clean it every few days.

But using some pesticides to help, you can use an e-pest repellent that you can find from all the shops around you and put one in each room and prefer to put two or more places like the kitchen. Buying a lot of them may be very expensive but the good thing is that they are reusable and working for a long time so you can save money.

How to Eliminate Small Cockroaches at Home

There are many effective ways to get rid of this annoying insect that invades your home, and you'll find all the different ways in full detail.

Concentrated pesticides:

Of course, when you mention the ways to get rid of insects, you must mention insecticides first, since they are very effective and very good to use enough to make the living better than any insects, and the fact that I used several times and got great results in a short period where you can see dead in A short time in a few minutes instead of waiting for days.

But keep in mind that these pesticides contain enough toxins to keep your children and pets away when used, and also cover the food and water when used so as not to be poisoned and hurt you or any of your family members.

Non-toxic diatomaceous earth powder:

Diatomaceous earth is one of the best natural non-toxic methods used to get rid of insects and cockroaches. It has achieved remarkable results before it cannot be ignored because it is one of the best safety solutions. For a short time, you can spray the whole house using diatomaceous earth throughout the rooms and wooden floors and leave it for a day, for example, when we return home, we clean the house with the entire broom.

Pest Control Companies:

The pest control companies work very well as they are very effective to get rid of the cockroaches that invade your home. These companies have the capabilities and specialists to get rid of any pests quickly using some artificial hormones and insecticides that kill insects quickly and prevent their eggs from hatching to help you get rid of cockroaches completely.

If you are already looking for the perfect solution to eliminate small cockroaches in your kitchen, just contact a professional or specialist from the Pest Control Company in Jeddah and help you deal with it and eliminate it permanently, and most importantly protect your family from misuse of pesticides and chemical products.


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