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Eliminate cockroaches permanently - How to get rid of cockroaches safely and fast

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Eliminate cockroaches permanently - How to get rid of cockroaches safely and fast
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Eliminating cockroaches permanently Do you imagine that cockroaches can be the evilest creatures once they share your home with you? As cockroaches have a great ability to transmit disease as well as in the spread of bacteria throughout your home and therefore the elimination of cockroaches from the home is the goal of the goal of all those who get his house in a number of those scourges.

Using insecticides with chemicals can be an unhealthy idea for your children and pets, sothe some home remedies can kill cockroaches permanently and naturally.

In this article, Orchida will guide you to safe ways to completely eliminate cockroaches, so follow with us if you want to cleanse your home from cockroaches.


Eliminate cockroaches permanently - How to get rid of cockroaches safely and fast:

There are different ways you can use to eliminate cockroaches permanently. Many natural ingredients may contribute to the expulsion and disposal of cockroaches, and you can apply these methods to suit the possibilities of your home, and there are some the e tricks that can be roasted by cockroaches in order to get rid of them if You do not want to kill them.

And in the coming lines will talk about the most prominent front ways to eliminate cockroaches permanently:

1. Ground coffee and water:


Many of us do not know that caffeine in coffee can contribute to the elimination of cockroaches forever. Ground coffee is one of the most effective ways to get rid of cockroaches naturally and quickly from home. Cockroaches can feed on any organic food they encounter. To ground coffee among many other foods so you can use grind coffee to attract them and get rid of them
How do we use ground coffee to eliminate cockroaches permanently?

You will have to bring ground coffee with clean water, a large glass pot and some small cups.
First, you should fill the glass cups with clean water until the middle, then you should put the coffee ground in those cups and then put those cups in the pot.
You can place the pot on the wall or boards near where the cockroaches are located. What happens is that the cockroaches will be attracted to the smell of coffee and then the pot will enter and when they enter they will not be able to escape after that.
When you put the pot to attract these cockroaches you have to check them daily even if you find a number of cockroaches, you can then emptied in the toilet, then you can fill the cups again with clean water and ground coffee and then repeat it again.
You must continue to do this method so you do not find any cockroaches in the cups.

2 - the blend of fabric and water softener:

A blend of fabric softener with water is an effective way to eliminate cockroaches very quickly as the cockroaches breathe through their skin. So when they spray the cockroaches with a blend of fabric and water, the mixture will wrap their bodies, suffocate and kill them because they will not be able to breathe.

How do I use a cloth conditioner to eliminate cockroaches permanently?

You can bring fabric or tissue softener from local stores and make a lot of it by mixing it with water by 2: 3

Then put them in a bottle of the sprayer and you should immediately spray cockroaches as soon as you see them as you spray this liquid in places you learn to hide them, and you will have to wait for a little before you see the numbers of cockroaches dead motionless.


3-mix baking soda and sugar:

But if you do not want to use borax because you have children and pets at home, you can mix the sugar with the baking soda to kill the cockroaches.

Once the mixture is used, the sugar will attract the cockroaches and the baking powder will affect the digestive system of cockroaches. Where he will see a lot of gases inside her body and kill her.

How can you use a powder-baking mix and water to completely eliminate cockroaches?
You will have to bring in a quantity of powdered powder and mix it with sugar in equal amounts then you can distribute the mixture in the areas where these cockroaches are spread and once they take that mixture they will die immediately.

4 -Ammonia and water:

Ammonia acts as a cockroach for its cocky smells, which cockroaches cannot tolerate, so you can clean floors and hard surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom and where cockroaches can be found with a solution of water and ammonia.

How can ammonia be used to eliminate cockroaches permanently?

You can pour two ammonia cups on a bucket of water before cleaning and be scrubbing the floors and surfaces. In less than two weeks, you will get rid of cockroaches that will not tolerate the ammonia and ammonia will prevent cockroaches from returning home, making ammonia also protective.

5 - the herb of wild mint:

Cannabis herb is a natural repellent for cockroaches, where you can use it as another way to eliminate cockroaches safely and safely without harming your children and pets.

The active ingredient in catnip is the substance of nepetalactone, a non-toxic substance for pets and humans.

How can you use catnip to eliminate cockroaches permanently?

You can put a teaspoon of catnip on a bottle of water and you should boil that amount like you make a drink of catnip then you can fill a bottle of sprays of this tea and use it as a sprayer.
You can spray the wild mint spray in the presence of cockroaches and cockroaches as soon as you see them, and you should keep the cats away from where the catnip is located because it is harmful to them, otherwise it is safe for the rest of the pets.


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