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Carpet steam cleaning company in Jeddah - What is the difference between dry cleaning and carpet cleaning?

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Carpet steam cleaning company in Jeddah - What is the difference between dry cleaning and carpet cleaning?
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Carpet steam cleaning company in Jeddah - Steam cleaning has become one of the alternatives currently available for the use of conventional methods. This is very effective in removing dirt and allergens such as dust, germs and infections that may expose children to health risks. In addition, the carpets of furniture we choose at home very carefully to give it a look and shine and try as much as possible to protect them from harmful contaminants and hard spots so as not to lose them and because of the techniques of steam cleaning, we were able to protect carpets and carpets and other furnishings from exposure to damage and color and other colors.

But what distinguishes steam cleaning from dry cleaning?!! Is steam cleaning alone enough to clean carpets and home furnishings and remove stains or traditional methods meet the purpose?!!

In the following lines you will find the correct answer to all the questions that concern you about carpet cleaning and how to deal with the most difficult types of stains that may affect the fibers of your carpet. Orchida provides you with more details about steam cleaning, dry cleaning and better furnishing.

Carpet steam cleaning company in Jeddah - What is the difference between dry cleaning and carpet cleaning?

With many contaminants of dust, dust and bacteria that accumulate on carpet fibers continuously, it is necessary to clean the carpet continuously. Some may think that using a vacuum cleaner or simple conventional methods may do the trick and help remove those contaminants. Unfortunately, these methods help you get rid of the materials that are attached to the outer surface only and you will not be able to remove the particles from the fibers in the inner fibers of the carpet.

So if you want to remove dust mites, pet hair, microbial particles and others that make their way deeper into the carpet fibers, unfortunately these contaminants have a greater impact on your child leaving him playing on the carpet. It is necessary to use steam cleaning technology to do this job. In carpet cleaning of those contaminants and also ensures that you protect your family from exposure to health risks and adverse side effects.

A steam cleaning company in Jeddah also relies on a range of effective cleaning products licensed by the EPA. These products contain materials that assist in the dispersion of dirt and fine particles suspended in fiber threads over time, as well as their impact on protecting your fibers from exposure Damaged. These products also succeed in treating the hard spots and footprints they leave on carpets and other marks.

In addition, steam cleaning equipment uses hot water at high temperature. This helps remove bacteria, germs, dust mites and other toxins that affect your health. There is equipment that allows you to control the moisture level applied to the outside of the carpets to ensure that the carpet tissue is not damaged.

The equipment also contains a suction tool that removes excess water with dirt and dust and in this way it reduces harmful allergens and, most importantly, improves the appearance of the carpets as well. Also, using steam cleaning technology does not take longer to dry. On the contrary, the furnishings dry very quickly and can be used on the same day.

What is the difference between carpet dry cleaning and steam cleaning?

Both steam cleaning and dry cleaning are techniques that help you clean carpet and achieve great results but the only difference between them is the amount of water used in the cleaning process. As for the result achieved by these systems, they rely more on chemicals and equipment than the system itself used.

Well, but what's the difference between dry cleaning and carpet cleaning and which is better?

  • Dry cleaning:

In the case of dry cleaning of carpets, the carpet is first laid on a dry floor and then the vacuum cleaner is used first to get rid of the contaminants suspended, but be aware that if the ground is wet, the dirt may turn into mud accumulations difficult to get rid of.

The carpet is then treated with dry cleaning solution which is a mixture of dry cleaning solvents. This solution has a high ability to remove hard fatty stains, dust and other contaminants easily.

Cotton diapers are then dipped into the hot water and left on the carpet. They get rid of the dirt immediately, but it is necessary to get rid of the cotton brushes during the cleaning process to get the best results.

The use of dry cleaning has an effective effect in restoring the natural shine of carpet fibers and giving them a longer life without being affected by stains or other contaminants.

  • Steam cleaning:

This technique is based on hot water under high pressure so that all the dust and dirt are extracted with water. In addition, the steam cleaning equipment is based on effective steam cleaners that help to treat the stains before removing them. This helps to eliminate the effects completely.

But until you get the effective results of steam cleaning you need to have the experience and skill and take the time to extract as much water as possible from the carpet. Also, steam cleaning takes longer hours to dry completely and get rid of moisture so you can use it normally.

Carpets, moccasins and other furnishings in your home need to be carefully cared for or you will lose the beautiful appearance that adds to the elegance and shine of your home. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the carpet is cleaned by a professional at least twice a year.

Even though there are many steam cleaning companies except Orchida services, the steam carpet cleaning company in Jeddah gives you a different level of work and brings you the furnishings as if they were new without any problem.



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