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Carpet Cleaning - Home Recipes or Steam Cleaning Which is better?!!

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Carpet Cleaning - Home Recipes or Steam Cleaning Which is better?!!
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Carpet cleaning regularly does not stop as important as it gives carpets a longer life; but more importantly it helps to improve the quality of air around you and thus provides full protection for you and your family members from many serious health problems and crises. For this reason, many cleaning experts recommended that the carpet should be cleaned permanently of dust and dirt.

But the problem is that some people do not want to deal with steam cleaning companies in Jeddah and prefer to do the job themselves. However, cleaning carpets, moccasins and other home furnishings often requires a professional or specialist in dealing with different types of tissue and fiber, damage to your furnishings or color hides.

Carpet Cleaning - Home Recipes or Steam Cleaning Which is better?!!

Although you can save some money if you take responsibility for carpet cleaning, not having enough experience to deal with it can cause you more damage and spend a lot of money to repair the damage.

This is what we'll talk about in the following lines. Orchida gives you a lot of basic information about carpet care and getting rid of the hard spot. All you have to do is take good care and apply the tips correctly, so you can do the job yourself without leaving any negative side effect.

But before that you should beware of the following mistakes; most people use it while carpet cleaning of hard spots and unfortunately caused damage to carpet fibers in full, include the following steps:

  • Over-washing carpets.
  • Increase carpet moisture.
  • Do not protect wet carpets from furniture.
  1. excessive carpet washing: This happens when many cleaning products are used to wash carpets excessively and this may cause the carpet fibers to damage significantly, and that is why specifically dealing with an expert or professional specialist of carpet cleaning company in Jeddah may be the ideal solution. Be aware that the accumulation of soap particles or detergent you use may permeate carpet fibers and cause the attraction of dirt, dust and dust in this way will lose your carpet completely.
  2. excess moisture: This happens with the accumulation of a large amount of water in the bottom of the carpet in this way will be easy to accumulate stains, but the most difficult types of fingerprints, such as ink stains or tea and coffee stains and spots your favorite pet and will not be able to remove easily, Beside they may cause the mold to be more damage to your carpet.
  3. The biggest risk is caused by the continued wet carpets with furniture. There are different types of wood that contain different dyes and those pigments leave difficult spots on the wet carpets. Also furniture that has metal feet may leave rusty place is difficult to remove. This problem may occur because most homeowners do not remove furniture from the room during cleaning and therefore cannot access the covered areas under the furniture.

Well, is there a way to professionally clean carpets?!

Of course; there is a perfect way to clean your carpet which is drying, this term means controlling the carpet moisture and keeping it dry so as not to attract more dirt and dust. In order for a professional to do this, he needs special equipment and techniques that are not available to everyone but they eliminate the problem of excess carpet moisture in just a few minutes.

As well as the machines they use in carpet cleaning; there are also more effective detergents to dissolve the dirt and the most difficult types of stains, do not worry that these products do not cause any kind of damage either on your health, your family or the environment around you so you can ask the team A steam cleaning company in Jeddah and recommends the best detergents to care for carpets and rugs.

You can get many products and equipment in the local market and another problem arises; you do not trust the products before you. Some may contain harmful chemicals that make the problem worse. When selecting the equipment, make sure that it is supported by soft cotton on the carpet so that the tissue does not damage.

Although there are some people who assert that they cannot remove dirt and deep stains, this means that they fit perfectly with the stains on the outside of your carpet, but the stains on the deepest deep inside the carpet fibers cannot Of dealing with it.

Many companies rely on this system in carpet cleaning is a simple and professional way too, in addition to that you can dry the carpet in at least one hour.

But why do we design that a professional or specialist is much better than doing the job yourself?!!

The professional uses a lot of ways to clean and care for the carpet; doing these steps every day gives him enough experience to achieve the level he wants to work and avoid risks. In addition it depends on the most advanced cleaning equipment and products. Employing someone who knows what to do and is well aware of how to avoid problems and risks will help you restore the beauty and shine of your furnishings.

Carpet cleaning services - what are the latest technologies used in carpet cleaning?

  1. Remove carpet stains:

Because of the disasters that many women experience in the event of drops of hot drinks or juices or even accumulation of crumbs of food on the carpet, which cause the stains disgusting.

But do not worry, the specialist has enough information on how to eliminate the most difficult spots, as well as effective cleaning products that can absorb the spot and get rid of the effects.

If you want to do the job yourself, you can simply have lots of natural products and home remedies to talk about in the following lines until you clear the spots.

  1. Pre-treatment of carpets:

In this service professional relies on spraying parts of detergents and chemicals before cleaning which help in removing grease and oils, as they can extract dirt. This technique is an ideal technique that increases the efficiency of cleaning.

  1. Antimicrobial therapy:

Doing this will help you get rid of mold and other microbes that are related to carpet fibers. The expert uses one of the methods of treatment that create an environment hostile to these microbes and prevent the proliferation and spread and in this way protect your family from serious diseases.

In addition, it gives off the spread of bad odors on the carpet and gives your furnishings a longer life.

  1. Remove bad odors and get rid of pet droppings:

Although we prefer to have a pet near us but we do not notice when urinating on the carpet which causes the appearance of a disgusting spot with bad smell, also their saliva which may cause mold, for this reason when you notice these things you should act immediately before That these materials penetrate into a deeper depth of the carpet and thus will be difficult to get rid of.

But, is there a natural solution to cleaning carpets instead of chemical methods?!

One of the questions that many women are concerned about is how to take care of white carpet cleaning with the presence of children and pets, as well as the spread of chaos and toys in every corner of the living room. At the same time, families are unable to communicate with steam cleaning services in Jeddah because of costs.

This is why we are looking for natural recipes or home remedies that can be relied on to remove the hard carpet stains and protect them from damage. This is what we will talk about in the following lines but before that I should remind you of something that I did not try these methods myself but talked about a lot of experts Look at the world level, so make sure all ingredients are safe on your carpet. Simply all you have to do is try the recipe on an unseen area of ​​the carpet until you make sure that it is effective and safe.

Natural homemade recipes will help you in carpet cleaning:

These recipes contain natural ingredients that have the ability to absorb the most difficult stains, but to get a perfect result we will add drops of some effective chemicals, and never worry; those ingredients will not damage your furnishings in any way.

  • Wet spots treatment: When you notice a stain on your carpet, you must act immediately before it dries out like your pet's pee spots or food stains like ketchup, drinks ... and many more.
  • What to do: Use the baking soda directly on the spot so you can absorb the liquid, pay attention to the next steps so you can remove the spot properly. Spray some baking soda on the spot, then leave it for at least 10 minutes to dry, then use a vacuum cleaner to dispose of the residue. But be careful not to dislodge the spot so that it does not spread widely.
  • To get rid of urine stains: Pee pet leaves not only a disgusting spot; it also leaves a bad smell on your carpet and so you can remove them. You will need to prepare a baking soda mixture with borax material at the rate of one part of the borax with three portions of baking soda. Although borax is effective in removing stains and eliminating odors from carpets, it is a powerful chemical that may harm pets or children. So if you want to use this solution, you should leave the material away from them.

Can vinegar be used in carpet cleaning?!

There are a lot of people who tried to use vinegar to remove stains including wet spots and pet stains but unfortunately did not succeed in removing them, but why?!

As reported in several scientific studies that confirmed that pet urine alkali reacts with acidic vinegar by a large amount and this makes it worse.

Also, when the vinegar directly adds the spot to the spot and is moist, the carpet fibers will absorb a large amount of liquid so it will be difficult to remove the spot, as well as causing the mold particles to damage the carpet tissue.

But if you want to use vinegar, you should be careful and use it for a minute. For example, add 3/4 cups warm water with 1/4 cup of white vinegar and mix the previous ingredients dryly and then spray the affected area.

Use paper towels so that you can absorb as much liquid as possible, then you can use the baking soda and leave it to dry and after the residue using the vacuum cleaner.



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