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Carpet Washing Company in Jeddah - Use steam cleaning instead of the traditional methods of cleaning the carpet

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Carpet Washing Company in Jeddah - Use steam cleaning instead of the traditional methods of cleaning the carpet
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Carpet Washing Company in Jeddah is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a high level of cleaning and dust removal and fine dust particles suspended between the carpet fibers. According to a report by the American Health Association, which showed that the accumulation of dust and dust on the carpet and carpet negatively affects the members of your family, especially children who play continuously and exposure to respiratory disorders such as asthma and chest sensitivity and others?

This is why it is necessary to clean the carpet continuously and this is what we will talk about in the following lines where Orchid site gives you a simple explanation of the methods of washing and cleaning the carpet and how to rely on them to restore the beauty and shine of furnishings again.

Carpet Washing Company in Jeddah - Use steam cleaning instead of the traditional methods of cleaning the carpet:

This is a wonderful addition to the house, but with the accumulation of dust and dust on the carpets, hard spots that spill unintentionally from you and other problems that may make you lose the beauty and brilliance of these furnishings.

Not only that, EPA has shown that carpet fibers contain many harmful ingredients that cause air pollution, including pet hair, allergens, and daily dust particles, as well as the possibility that toxic gases in the air attach to carpet fibers. The sheer amount of contaminants may expose your family to a lot of health risks.

Although the use of a vacuum cleaner may help you with a little bit of cleaning and disposing of the muffins, it is not the ultimate solution. Therefore, you should communicate with the carpet laundry company in Jeddah and help you get rid of these pollutants.

If you are wondering now why do you have to communicate with the Mecca Laundry Company in Jeddah and spend money on a job you can do on your own?!

Well, have you ever heard about dust mites insects ?! This type of household insect is so small that it is not noticed by the naked eye. Moth insects leave residue and excrement on the carpet fibers and those substances cause your family to be most susceptible to allergies. In addition, the human may inhale those micro particles, which increases the symptoms of allergies and worsen the situation.

But the Jeddah-based carpet washing company relies on modern technology, including steam cleaning, so that the carpet is exposed to high temperatures so that no kind of microorganism can survive.

In addition, the cleaning of the muck permanently may prevent the mold, especially in areas that have a high level of moisture, which are more likely to grow rot. However, the Jeddah Carpet Laundry Company adopts effective products and high quality drying tools that completely dampen the moisture and prevent mold growth. Therefore, it is not necessary to open the windows or operate the fans and the long-term adjustment devices to dry the carpet.

What are the methods and techniques on which the carpet cleaning company in Jeddah depends on?

Jeddah's carpet cleaning services rely on a variety of methods and techniques to clean the muck from rubbish, dust and dirt and get rid of the microorganisms stuck in it. The professional or specialized specialist often chooses the method of treatment according to the extent of the pollution of the carpet and the type of fiber as well as the environmental conditions. However, there are three common methods used by the carpet washing company in Jeddah and include the following:

  • Steam cleaning:

Steam cleaning is one of the most common methods that many people rely on to clean up all kinds of furniture. The technique is based on the use of hot water, where the water is heated to the boiling point and then injected into the carpet under high pressure.

Hot water helps to get rid of dirt and dust and also splits the hard spots stuck with fibers. If there are hard and stubborn stains, the professional may need to use appropriate cleaning products and those products are safe and effective and also help in removing odors and killing bacteria and microorganisms.

The only problem with using this technique is that it takes longer to dry out and not to be used before it is completely dry so as not to get new stains.

  • Washing the carpet with chemical products:

The use of chemical cleaning products from the traditional methods used by many cleaning experts where the chemical is distributed on the carpet and using the circular brush is washing the carpet, this method helps to clean the carpet is very dirty and dull.

But many cleaning experts have pointed to the use of steam cleaning in washing the carpet, which gives better results than laundry with chemical products.

  • Dry cleaning of the carpet:

In this method, water is almost never used, as the professional uses a small amount of absorbent compounds above the mortar and using a mechanical brush that dissolves the soil and removes the hard spots. Then the vacuum cleaner can be used to get rid of those residues. The dry cleaning process is suitable for certain types of carpet fibers such as natural fibers.

why is carpet cleaning company in Jeddah better than other cleaning companies?

In spite of your serious attempts to take care of the carpets and other home furnishings, however, you need to communicate with a professional or expert in dealing with the different types of woolen fabrics. There are types of woolen or industrial materials, so cleaning the carpet needs different treatment methods that cannot be mastered Professional.

Importantly, the company has a high quality sterilization and disinfection tools, so it may provide you with maximum protection against micro insects, bacterial particles, bacterial infections and other pathogens.


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