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Big cockroach - Important ways to help you eliminate the big cockroach

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Big cockroach - Important ways to help you eliminate the big cockroach
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Does finding some household lesions feel uncomfortable, especially if the insect you find is the cockroach? No doubt you do not wish to see these insects or others in your home, especially if they are from the category of the big cockroach, because in fact this cockroach is very large insects, which sometimes describe some of the huge, and it causes the feeling of panic, especially if He was discovered by your wife or your little daughter who is afraid of cockroaches precisely.

The first thing you think of doing when you discover the big picture while walking around your home is to eliminate it in any way. The important thing is to get rid of it completely and not see it again.

But you should first identify the reasons for the presence of the big cockroach in your home, and here comes the role of Orchida, which will provide you with the most prominent information about the big cockroach and ways to get rid of it and so continued with us.

Big cockroach - Important ways to help you eliminate the big cockroach:

What many of us do not know is that the cockroach insect has many species, the largest of which is the American cockroach or the big cockroach, as some call it, which has a reddish brown color and is 1 to 2 inches long, making it the biggest nightmare for homes in the country.

Where does the big cockroach live?

Large cockroaches are found all over the world and generally live in open air in humid areas where temperatures are above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The big cockroach can live up to 362 days, females can live longer than 706 days, and females produce one egg per month.

What are the reasons why clashers invade your home?

Large cockroaches live in the open air but can come to your home for many reasons including:

Heavy Rain:
Large cockroaches, such as the East Cockroach, escape to homes in order to avoid heavy drowning in the water. As we know about cockroaches, many live in sewers and sewers that can be flooded after heavy rains, For a shelter elsewhere and which may be your home in many cases.

Search for food:
The big cockroaches eat what they find on their way from all kinds of food, but their ideal food remains decomposing organic matter. They also eat home foods such as cheese, bakery products, drinks, leather, book covers, potted plants, dirty clothes, cosmetics and soaps. Your home is the ideal source for continuous food.

When a big cockroach invades your home, it is preferable to be in warm, humid places close to food sources such as the kitchen, around the banks or the bathroom.

What are the signs of a large cockroach in your home?

The big cockroach is a night object that is helped by its flat bodies to hide in small spaces. This means that, unfortunately, it may be difficult to find them in your home. However, you may see them running on the kitchen floor at night.

There are many other signs that may affect the presence of large cockroach in your home, including:

Cockroach litter
The size, shape and quantity of waste varies depending on the type and number of cockroaches in your home. Their residues are left on porous surfaces such as wood and areas where they spend a lot of time, so check for waste behind kitchen equipment or in food storage areas such as cupboards.

Big cockroach eggs:
The large cockroach eggs are brown and rectangular, and are often attached to surfaces that are hard to reach. Therefore, you will have to search for large cockroach eggs behind furniture and in storerooms and between cracks in the walls and between books or in enclosed spaces.

The large cockroach egg contains 8 to 12 cockroaches. As we mentioned earlier, a female adult cockroach can produce a new egg every month for about a year.

The smell of the big cockroach:
The big picture has a distinctive musty smell and it increases the more your home is hit by the attacks of these annoying insects. Therefore, if you trace the source of smell, you can reach places that hide the big cockroach.

Important tips for getting rid of the big cockroach

Here's the point you're looking for: how to get rid of the big cockroach and keep it away from your home. Here are some important tips:

Keeping your house clean, especially your kitchen, is one of the first and most important ways to prevent insect attacks in general, especially the big cockroach insect, which prefer to live in the midst of filth and garbage, so you have to clean and clean your house regularly and use water, soap and disinfectants to keep your house clean.

You will also have to eliminate the big cockroach entry points to your house and fill the cracks and fix the walls, windows and doors to prevent the cockroach from reaching them and you should also get rid of your piles of wood and your useless property.

You should avoid leaving foods exposed for a long time, and you should get rid of the crumbs and residues of food scattered in your home,

You should also fix the plumbing leak if any.

You may need professional assistance from Orchida to fight pests and pests in Jeddah, especially if the injury is severe in your home. In this case, the cockroaches company in Jeddah will provide you with sufficient assistance in controlling the big cockroach insect through the initial visit and ongoing treatments that will Make it to your home until the big cockroach is finally eliminated.


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