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Bed bugs and basil - Remove bed bugs in natural and effective ways

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Bed bugs and basil - Remove bed bugs in natural and effective ways
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Bed bugs and basil - Although insects are important in maintaining the balance of the universe, they have been and continue to be a disturbance to humans, whether harmful or useful, whether found at home, garden, work or street. People react differently when they see insects. Some people may become disgusted, while others may feel panic, fear, and possibly phobia.

Bed bugs and basil - Remove bed bugs in natural and effective ways

Some of the most disgusting and dreadful insects are the Bed Bug, although small in size, but they pose a life-threatening threat because of the rapid reproduction, spread and nature of their lives. But no matter how many armies of insects, humans can use their human intelligence to dispose of them using natural or chemical components.

What is a bed bugs insect? And how do you live? How harmful and dangerous is it to human life? How do you get rid of it yourself? What is the relationship between bed bugs and basil? All these questions will be answered in this article continue reading....

What is a bed bugs insect?

Bugs are generally a nocturnal insect that cannot fly but crawls and walks easily on floors, walls and ceilings, and often appears in the night, hiding in small cracks in furniture, walls, and between the folds of furniture.

Bed bugs are a type of bug that feeds on the blood that is absorbed by humans often and sometimes by animals. Bugs are called insect moths in some places. Have you seen a bed bugs insect in your home before? How do you recognize it?!

Before you read about the bed bugs and the basil used to get rid of them, you should know this insect and its shape and nature of life.

An insect of bed bugs is similar to other insects in that its body consists of three parts: head, chest and belly, insect bed bugs do not fly. The size of the adult bugs, such as the size of the apple seed, and you can see with the eye, the oval, flat surface of the top and its reddish color, as well as the horns of the sensor, appears at the top of its head. Small bugs are hard to see because they are smaller in size and yellowish white. White bugs are not easy to see.

If you see one of the three forms of bed bugs, this is proof of its existence, but did you know that bed bugs are good at hiding so we will tell you another way to discover the presence of this insect.

Watch out for bed bugs spread in your home.

To be successful, the bed bugs and basil plan to fight bugs must learn all the signs and signs to discover the existence of bed bugs well so that it can not escape and spread. In fact, there is no connection between the cleanliness of the house and the presences of insect bugs are found in both dirty places and luxurious places.

If you see an insect of the same bed bugs, make sure that bugs are in your home and that you having to trace where they are to fight them.

There are other signs that you may discover bugs in your home:

Dark brown spots or brown on walls, surfaces and furnishings especially near where they are located

Spots of blood on the pillows or furnishings or remnants of his body brown, which remains after his death.

Sting and red spots on the skin especially in the area of ​​the head, neck, arms and feet and the accompanying sting of itching and redness of the skin, this sign shares the symptoms of bite other insects such as spiders, mosquito and fleas so it is no clear evidence of the presence of bed bugs.

Emitting a foul odor from a room for no apparent reason is a sign of bugs because it produces the bad smell in case of disturbance and anxiety.

Having discovered the presence of bed bugs in your home, does this mean that your family is at risk?

How dangerous bed bugs on humans?

Whether you feel disgusted or even fearful of bed bugs, you do not have to worry too much because bed bugs are less dangerous than we think.

Since bed bugs feed on sting and blood sucking, many believe that bed bugs play a role in transmitting disease, but scientists have not shown that bugs transmit disease.

The most common damage caused by the bite of a bed bugs is the redness of the skin and the associated itching that can be easily treated with moisturizers and antibiotics, but some people develop and become sensitive due to bite bugs so they should visit the doctor so as not to aggravate the problem with the emergence of infection where the person scratching and scratching the place of sting strongly And become susceptible to bacteria and then infection.

Since bugs are a night-time insect that frequently bites in order to bite a person during sleep, their presence is a source of concern and cause insomnia, which may harm the individual's health, work and study.

The waste of bugs and the remains of dead bugs and the accompanying bacteria and unpleasant odors may pose a danger to asthma patients and those with respiratory problems.

Not only that, it may affect bedbugs on social relations and feel isolated because he is afraid to get out of the house so that the bugs are not moved outside the house and others are afraid of his visit so they do not move the bug's home.

What is the vulnerability of bed bugs?

You may be concerned about bed bugs because they are quick to reproduce and are clever at hiding, easy to spread and move, and may be frustrated when you decide to fight them. If you want to defeat an enemy you must know its weakness, the weakness point insect bed bugs and the majority of insects is the inability to resist aromatherapy aroma and effusion.

These powerful aromatic substances may be natural or chemical. So do not be surprised when you hear the word bed bugs and basil in all the talk about fighting bed bugs.

After you have confirmed the presence of bed bugs in your home and you know how dangerous it is, do you know how to get rid of it and what is the relationship between bed bugs and basil?

How to get rid of bed bugs by yourself?

Before talking about bed bugs, basil, and other ways to get rid of bed bugs, you should first determine where your bed bugs are and how widely they spread to make the control process work.

After you locate a bedbug start a plan to fight it yourself in natural and easy ways before resorting to chemical methods and pest control specialists.


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