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Ants - all you want to know about the life of ants and how to get rid of it forever

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Ants - all you want to know about the life of ants and how to get rid of it forever
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Ants - According to many studies and scientific statistics, which confirmed the presence of at least 700 species of ants, especially in the United States of America, including 25 species only affects homes. Ants are known to be social pests living in underground colonies or inside the walls of the house. This means that it is impossible to find one insect at home. On the contrary, an insect in the home may indicate terrible numbers hiding in many corners of the house. The colony of ants consists of workers, a queen and soldiers.

Ants - all you want to know about the life of ants and how to get rid of it forever:

Although dessert is an ant favorite food, it may have to eat any kind of food to complement its normal life cycle. But does the presence of this type of house insects cause you damage?!!

Of course, the presence of ants at home causes a lot of structural damage and health damage to your family members and pets, but to be able to deal with this type of insect it is necessary to know more scientific facts that relate to the insect; for example the most common types that you may find in her home and life cycle and reproduction And then ways to protect your home from damage to that insect and get rid of them completely.

If you cannot find the signs of ants in your home, you should contact one of the insect control companies in Jeddah immediately. It gives you full support to protect your home from any type of household insects by inspecting the house, checking it carefully, determining the type of work, to combat and exterminate ants.

Well, but what are the most common types of ants that infect the house?

  1.  Acrobat ants:

What is an Acrobat ant? This name is called because of its ability to lift its belly towards the chest and head area, especially when it is disturbed. Unlike other ants, you find that the acrobatic ant is just a minor inconvenience. However, if this insect feels disturbed it resorts to a painful sting.

Description of the Acrobat ants:

Color: You may find this insect in light brown to black and sometimes you find it in different colors.

Legs: This insect has 6 legs.

External body shape: This insect is characterized by the fact that the abdomen takes the shape of the heart.

Size: The length of workers and workers on average is about 1/8 (3.2 mm) in length.

What does an acrobat look like? The Acrobat ants is light brown, blackish in color from small insects, usually about 3.2 mm in length, but sometimes the queens are larger in size, about 10 mm in length.

The acrobatic ants have a fragmented body, and when you look down you find that the abdomen takes the shape of the heart and that is what distinguishes the acrobatic ants from other types of ants.

Insect habitat: Most acrobatic ants build their own nest under rocks or within tree trunks and wood, especially shrubs that suffer from caries. They also build nests inside abandoned cavities dug by other insects such as termites or ferocious ants. Workers often find their way home through tree limbs or through cracks and holes around window frames, doorsteps, and so on. In addition, the insect may use utility lines and structural openings for wires and pipes until they pass to the house. Once the insect enters the house, its nest is nested in the voids inside the walls or inside the damaged wet wood.

The customs of the acrobatic ants: For nutrition are insects that prefer to eat sweets, especially honey or sugar wastes produced by the manna and pulses, in addition to it feeds on small living insects, including the larvae of termites. When they reach their own colony, they share food with the rest of the colony.

What is the damage caused by Acrobat ants? When an acrobat is threatened or disturbed, it stings and leaves behind a painful red spot with intense itching. In addition, it may cause a bad smell at home. Also this type of home pest may pose a threat to the property, sometimes it may cause damage to electrical wires or telephone wires and this is what puts you at risk.

What are the signs of Acrobat ants? The most obvious signs of injury to your home acetate ants are the presence of ants' trails on wires, utility lines and pipes coming from the walls. In addition, acrobatic ants may move 100 feet away from the nest in search of food and in that distance they may find frequent spots along their path. The owner of the house may also find debris, dirt, and damaged wood in places where the insect is frequent. It is also necessary to check the owner of the house of structural damage, especially in areas that enjoy high humidity is one of the most attractive attractions for acrobatic ants.

Are there effective ways to protect my home from Acrobat ants? Of course, there are many techniques that you can rely on to prevent acetic ants from infecting your home. First and foremost, it is necessary to continuously inspect and inspect the home to find the signs of acrobatic ants that we mentioned earlier. Also, close all entry points that the insect may use to enter the house, including cracks and gaps around the windows, doors, pipes and utility lines. This is in addition to the disposal of water sources and permanent moisture in the home and be careful to dry it permanently because the humidity of the factors of attracting many insects home like acrobatic ants. For more precaution you should store wood and debris away from home. You can also store food in sealed containers including pet foods so that the insect cannot reach them.

How to get rid of Acrobat ants? If you suspect your home is infected with acetic ants, you should contact the Pest Control Service in Jeddah, which is concerned with the problem by conducting an internal and external inspection and identifying an effective treatment plan for acetic ants. The professional may ask about the possibility of past water leakage or plumbing problems and other things that help him identify the type of ants in the house. Once an ant is properly identified, it will be able to take appropriate precautions.

  1.  Fire ants:

Called this name because of the painful bite that you leave to your human or animal, and it is known as dark reddish brown. Is one of the most famous types of ants scattered throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Fire ant habits: Usually you find these kinds of insects interspersed with plants and shrubs; in addition to that they build their nest on the large hills. Fire ants are also known to be unorganized.

The habitat of fire ants: Often, ants live in the soil near the structural foundations or within the landscape. Although fire ants often prefer to be outdoors, they can access various houses and buildings and settle inside them to form new colonies.

Fire ant: worse than ants, because of its painful tingling, which causes white blisters and severe allergies? In addition, it is considered a vector disease, especially if you can communicate with the food and drink of your family and pets, so it is necessary to deal with them immediately so as not to cause any kind of disturbing side effects. In addition it is possible that the bite of a fiery and dangerous even ant ants threatens human life. There are many medical products available at the Medical Center for the treatment of the bite of fire ants, but keep the wound clean and healthy to prevent the infection from spreading and exposure to serious side complications.

Control the fire ants: If you are aware of the presence of fire ant in your home, it is necessary to determine the location of the colony or nest hiding in it and by conducting a thorough examination of every corner of the house and then look for effective ways to eliminate this insect. For more effective results, you can get more inquiries from the Pest Control Company in Jeddah. You can also repair the internal problems at home so as to prevent their presence again, for example sealing the cracks and spaces in the house and also dealing with the wood debris found in the structural foundations.

Eliminate fire ants at home: You may be able to eliminate and eliminate the fire ants permanently by using the bait to kill the fire ants; you may be able to find those baits in many shops on the local markets. But the effectiveness of these baits depends on the activity of the insect and how to apply them and often active insect ants in the early spring and this is the appropriate time to deal with them before starting to form a new colony. These baits proved to be very effective in eliminating the fire ants because they reach the queen and kill them immediately and thus destroy the entire colony. If you cannot use baits you can rely on pesticides, but unfortunately that means less effective than baits. But homeowners are often afraid to use these substances for fear of the health of children or pets at home, but of course your family or pets will not be affected by using these substances or baits if you read instructions and warnings on the packages and follow their steps properly.

  1. Pharaoh ants:

The insect is known by this name because of the false belief that it spread as one of the worst causes of disturbance in Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs, so it is believed that the indigenous people of this type of ants spread in African countries, but now there are many statistics that confirmed the spread of the insect all over the world including In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Now, do you wonder how Pharaoh ants look?!! This insect is a small creature that is about 2 mm long in length, in addition to having a yellow body with red and black bugs on the abdomen.

Pharaoh ants habits: Pharaoh ants are often found to be highly adaptive to various climatic conditions so that they can survive for as long as possible, which is why they always seek to build their nest in protected and hidden areas of all Directions so no one can find them. You may also find this insect moving outdoors in gardens, especially in hot climates in search of food. As for the favorite food of the pharaoh ant, he enjoys a great deal of sweets and if not found deals with anything encountered even dead insects to be able to withstand and complete the course of his life. Termite colonies are very large. You may find that colonial workers alone number as many as thousands and if colonists feel disturbed they move to a new location to create another colony.

Home of Pharaoh ants: This insect is often found in buildings and commercial establishments, especially those that contain food such as hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants and others. Fire ants also prefer to be present in humid hot areas, especially near food and water sources. You may be able to find their own colonies in the gaps and gaps in the walls or behind the paintings and under the furniture and floors. Pharaoh ants often use electrical wires and telephone wires as a means of moving quickly through walls and between terrestrial panels.

Damages of Pharaoh ants: According to medical statistics, this type of domestic pests is the main factor behind the injury of the household members to serious bacterial and viral infections, including Salmonella and Streptococcus. In addition, it is considered a source of inconvenience to the person who lost his rest and therefore it is necessary to deal with it before the situation worsens.

Ways to prevent the incidence of Pharaoh ants: There are some general precautions that you can follow to protect your home and family from this frightening insect and these precautions include:

  • Seal all entry points throughout the house including small openings and cracks around doors and windows
  • Disposal of residues and food crumbs on floors and counters.
  • Store different foods in sealed containers and get rid of garbage.
  •  Dispose of excess water sources and treat moisture at home so as not to attract more annoying insects.
  • Dispose of wood debris away from home.

Well, but how do you find pharynx ants at home?! The only sign that this insect leaves and the homeowner can find is the fodder and the remains of food left on the rooftops.

  1. Pavement ants

This insect is known by this name because it often builds its own nest inside the cracks and gaps in the pavement, in addition to it is characterized by its dark brown color, which is black. It also has a length of 2.5 to 3 mm in longitudinal inches. This insect has been found throughout Saudi Arabia and has become a major pest that attacks many homes, buildings and various facilities.

Pavement Ants Habits: These black ants will eat almost anything as they eat seeds, bread, nuts and cheese. This insect feeds on many types of food including meat, grease, dead insects and honey produced by the insect, and it is an insect that prefer to eat fatty foods and be able to eat many of the food sources consumed by humans. In addition, they can travel at large distances of at least 30 feet and also climb the walls to reach places where they hide. The port ants pass through the full growth stages from the egg stage to the larvae and then the stage of the virgin and then reach the full adulthood stage. After the mating between the queen and the males of the port ants, the queen laid the eggs inside the colony and the insect workers take care of them until they reach puberty. Her life.

Homesteads Pavement Ants: The pavement ants can be found on the lower side of logs, bricks, stones, under floors, boards, etc. This insect propagates under the soil, near the base of the building or inside the wall and other protected areas and the vicinity of buildings. It is often difficult to identify the places where the insect or their colonies are located and so you will not be able to eliminate them easily. In this case you will need a specialized technician who has experience in dealing with various household insects.

Damages of pavement ants: Although pavement ants do not pose a public health hazard, they are necessary to avoid them because they cause food contamination and carry many deadly infections and fungi. This addition has a detrimental effect on your property, so you'll need to address this problem immediately.

5. Field Ants

This name is called because it prefers to be outdoors. Ants are one of the largest and most widespread ant species in the world, but with different names there are so-called field ants, red ants and wood ants. Some species of field ants have a black color, while others of this insect have a mixture of black and red. There are those who cause it with fire ants and this is because they can dig the earth composed of earth mounds.

Habit of the field ants: insects are common during the summer, and they feed mainly on the honey produced by the insects and also attracted to the proteins and meat, but if you cannot find the favorite foods can eat almost anything. Also you may find this insect on trees and shrubs. Field ant colonies can survive for 10 years and more under the appropriate environmental conditions.

Ant Farm Fields: Ants seek to build their own nest by using different plant materials such as grass, branches, leaves, etc. This pest infects its nests inside land, in fields and parks, and also attacks the gardens of the house. Thus, ant colonies in the field can be found near trees or sidewalks and rocks, even near the infrastructure of houses and buildings.

Damages of the field ants: Some believe that the fields are devoid of aggressive pests such as fire ants, but this insect does not resort to sting unless it feels threatened and disturbed. Worse, when human bites produce acidic formic acid, this increases pain.

How to control the ants of the fields: Although it is difficult to deal with this type of insect household alone, but you can follow these general precautions to protect your home from damage and serious side complications These precautions in the storage of wood debris at a distance from the house and also trim shrubs and branches of trees So that the insect does not use it to enter the house. Also make sure to clean the house on a daily basis and not leave the remnants of food on the floor so as not to attract the insect and help them to get their food.

Although the field ants rarely occur in the home, they multiply very quickly and therefore it is necessary to deal with it immediately so as to avoid hosting disturbing and frightening creatures in your home.

  1. Carpenter Ants:

The insect is known by this name because of its ability to dig wood to build its own nest and pathways that help it move from place to place with ease. Ants are fossils of large insects in size, ranging in length from one-quarter to three-quarters of an inch long from 3.4 to 13 mm. It is also characterized by its multiple colors, including black, red, brown, yellow and orange. The ants the digger has six legs and a slim waist and his body is divided into three distinct areas.

Habit of Carpenter Ants: This type of insect often attacks wood property especially wet and damaged timber. Electric wires, telephone wires, holes and cracks around the windows and doors may be used to enter the house, also using shrubs and tree limbs that touch the building. The insect passes through four stages of growth, which is known as full transformation, from eggs to larvae, to pupae, and then to puberty.

Homeland of Carpenter Ants: This insect is preferred to be outdoors, especially in areas containing wood, including trunks or quarries in the natural gardens. The insect also needs permanent sources of water to survive and therefore may be stumbled in areas with a high level of humidity. You should first realize that the ants do not build the nest inside the dry wood. This means that you should check the indoor infection that contains On wooden properties are likely to be wet and old and you notice signs of caries on them and also if the lesion present in the house are ants digger you will notice the damage of the wooden properties already, especially the interior walls of the wood and the infrastructure of the house.

Damages of Carpenter Ants: Insect fossils are a great danger to the property, they cause damage to the wooden elements and destroy them completely. In addition, it is possible that this pest of pathogens, especially as it deals with foods eaten by human and this allows the transmission of viral infections and microbes and fungi to the body Thus, the body suffers from many health crises and serious side effects. Therefore, if you notice the presence of this insect, you should contact an expert or professional immediately.

How to control Carpenter Ants: As mentioned earlier, household insects prefer permanent water sources so you should first address this problem by detecting water leaks, checking plumbing pipes, water supply and others. You will also need to treat insect access points immediately including cracks, blanks and others. Most importantly it is necessary to get rid of wood debris away from home. You should use appropriate materials and pesticides on all holes and other holes that enter through the insect. But beware of using liquid pesticides on ants nest, especially in closed areas. While using these pesticides, you should be careful not to hurt children. Children should keep children and pets away from the wall while using different treatments.

These types of ants are the most common types of ants to be present in the home and need to be skilled and careful to deal with them, but if you cannot address the problem yourself, please feel free to contact the ant ants in Jeddah, where Orchida provides you with many services for the control of household insects of various types and protects Your family is out of existence again.


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