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American cockroach - information and ways to get rid of the American Cockroach

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American cockroach - information and ways to get rid of the American Cockroach
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Cockroaches American cockroaches are one of the most common insects and praises evidence fossils that the cockroaches have been on the ground for more than 300 million years, and is considered one of the most successful insects because cockroaches adaptable to nature and climate under any circumstances and also managed to adapt to humans, I like the American cockroach - the German lobster and many other species in every country and each country has a special type of cockroaches. Each type of cockroaches and description and behavior varies from one type to another and distinguish it from the rest:


There is the American cockroach has its own behavior as follows:

This type of cockroach often becomes widespread in the city dumps and the most common downstairs floors, bakeries, grocery stores and trash can also be found in homes, they pose major problems in homes.


American Cockroach Appearance and Their Shape:

Adults from the American cockroach are 1-1.5 inches tall and have a reddish-brown color with wings covering the entire abdomen, winged by males and females, but their male wings extend slightly outside the abdomen.

The nymphs are similar in appearance with a slight difference, they are small and do not contain wings.

American cockroaches are capable of flying. The American cockroach can be identified with its large size and its color is brown with yellow edges.

Nymphs and adults are usually found in the dark and humid warm areas of the basement as well as around the bathrooms and the earth sinks and experiments as they are common around the sewer openings and on the underside of the metal covers often associated with this cockroach tunnels.

American photographers can survive in the winter because of warmth because they are born in piles of garbage.

American cockroaches feed on a variety of foods, such as decaying organic substances, and adults can survive for two or three months without food, but can not live without water for one month.


History of American cockroach life: -

American cockroaches grow in three stages, first egg, secondly, third, third, adult. The egg whites are placed in capsules which are dark brown and about 5/16 inches tall. Females often place their egg capsules in a suitable location near a food source or in a particular area. Each capsule ranges from 14 to 16 eggs. Usually, one capsule is produced each week.

It is glued on a hidden surface with secretions from the mouth of females and produces one female from 15 to 90 capsules eggs and take the egg phase from 29 to 58 days. The young nymphs are brownish gray and then the color becomes reddish and the number of offspring is 800. In ideal conditions, adult females can reach 15 months and males have a somewhat longer period.


Injuries and damage caused by the American Cockroach:

American cockroaches feed on a variety of great and great materials such as cheese, leather, bakery products, starch, books, hair, dried skin chips, dead animals, botanical products, and soiled clothes.


The most important aspect of the damage of the American cockroach:

Stems from habitual insects from feeding and sheltering in unhealthy and unhealthy places such as sewage and garbage disposal. Cockroaches contaminate food much more than they are able to eat.

Cockroaches in general and in the United States in particular can produce secretions that affect the flavor of various foods when the population is high, these secretions may lead to a distinctive smell in the public area and infect the population.

Organisms such as bacteria and viruses have been found in cockroaches, causing various forms of gastroenteritis such as food poisoning, diarrhea, etc.

The skin of the cockroaches contains a number of allergens that appear on many people allergic reactions such as rashes and congestion in the nasal passages and sneezes.


How to eliminate and control the American cockroach:

To control cockroaches it is important to do a thorough inspection every possible period to eliminate the cockroaches. It is sometimes necessary to scan the cockroaches to determine the extent of the infection.

Where the inspection does not always detect all the places of cockroaches or areas of food presence is placed traps in strategic areas within the place. The cockroaches are located in the corner of the earth such as stairs or under equipment must be besieged enough sites to control them and eliminate them.


Steps to treat and get rid of American cockroaches:

The first step in the treatment and disposal of cockroaches is to start sanitation and remove food from exposed areas and cover to ensure the ports available for insistence to reach and get rid of obstacles to cockroaches (where they exist) to pay cupboards and reservoirs and dam down the basin or to make structural repairs in the kitchen and bathroom.

Cockroaches usually enter houses through boxes, litter, furniture, and so on. To prevent insects from doing so, all the food on the ground and crumbs such as grains, flour, sugar, bread and others that attract cockroaches must be cleaned and collected in sealed bags and placed outside the house.


There are other types that also enable us to control cockroaches, including chemical control:

Dust can be used such as boric acid. Dust is not used in humid areas and should be used gently and not placed in places where children or pets can be kept. Keep children away from areas that are good for dust and take precautions to ensure that food is not contaminated. Food can be a method. To control or eliminate American cockroaches, there are some foods that contain some acids should be available to have a high level of control when applied to those areas and be careful to follow instructions and to protect against dust should be used when using masks.


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