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10 Interesting facts about ants - strange information about ants and his life in pictures

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10 Interesting facts about ants - strange information about ants and his life in pictures
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10 Interesting facts about ants, ants is one of the wonderful creatures that can be found in almost all parts of the world, and although it has its own system and routine is different from the rest of the living things, but the ants is a source of inspiration for humanity. This insect cannot survive alone and therefore seeks to form large colonies each containing thousands of insects.

But homeowners see ant insects as a source of threat and inconvenience because of the serious illnesses they carry on family health. In order to be able to deal with this type of household insect, you first have to know the world of ants and their life cycle. This is what we will talk about in the following lines. Orchidaoffers you 10 exciting facts about ants and their life.

10 Interesting facts about ants - strange information about ants and his life in pictures

  1. Ants are incredibly powerful:

According to one scientific research, ants can carry up to 50 times the body weight, which is very similar to raising a person to a car. Can you imagine how strong these insects are?!!

According to insect scientists in their research, this insect can support more than 100 times its weight while standing upside down; in addition to the neck of the ants can carry a weight of up to 5000 times the body weight. Really ant's power is impressive!!

Scientists have explained that the reason for this superpower is that the smaller the organism is in size, the stronger its muscles. This strength may be due to the insect's neck design, which contains microscopic bumps and a range of ridges that help increase strength.

  1. Some ants live with plant species:

During the life cycle of the ants, it was possible to build a lot of mutually beneficial relations, especially with certain types of plants. The scientific data showed that the relationship between the acacia plant and an ant species is a good example of these relations.

In this relationship, the plant is responsible for providing enough space for nesting with the food those enough ants insects to complete their life cycle. In contrast, these insects act as guards to protect plants from weeds and thus keep the plant intact and safe.

Other types of plants are used by ants, including the Nepenthes Bicalcarata, a carnivorous plant that gives ants an appropriate place for nesting. In contrast, ants feed on the remains left by the plant in prey.

  1. The number of ants on the earth is the same number of humans:

Unlike humans, although their species are diverse they belong to one species, while ants have many species where scientific reports indicate that there are at least 1,400 species of ants. Although the ants are creatures of small size, but there are huge numbers of this insect, where there is at least a million insects for every living person!! If you have any doubt about that, you can go to an area that is warm and warm and leave some sugar down. At first you will not notice anything but after a short time you will see thousands of ants streaming to collect sugar.

So it may be impossible to know the number of ants accurately and this is because most scientific studies that try to reach the number of ants used pesticides on small areas and after the bodies after, but these studies took a long time and ended in failure. But there is a scientific statistic that has confirmed that the number of ants in tropical forests surpasses the number of vertebrates in this region.

Now, ants are almost everywhere and in every corner of the world except Antarctica, just as they reach an appropriate place to form their colonies and naturally complete their life cycle.

  1. Ants were known as a herd and enslaved the other species:

As mentioned in the previous lines, ants can form symbiotic relationships with other living organisms, including various agricultural insects such as an insect. For example, ants collect large numbers of these insects on the plant and look for suitable shelter to protect them from predators and volatile climatic conditions Such as rain and then cut the wings of insects so that they prevent them from escaping.

But why do ants do that? The answer is that ants and other agricultural insects have a high ability to produce the largest amount of honey and nectar and just to press the ants on the insects producing honey, which is used as a meal sufficient for the entire colony.

Not only that, there are types of ants that control other colonies of ants and force them to become slaves to them and this is done in one of the following ways, either go to the ant queen and invade another queen's nest and kill them and forced the workers to work for them, or go to the workers the other nests and larvae The small ones then return them to their own colony to breed their slaves.

For slaves, they find that ants die of starvation without their slaves even if there is plenty of food and so if they move their colony they carry their slaves.

  1. The presence of ants dates back to the dinosaur era:

Many insect scientists have tried to reach the beginning of the presence of ants since about 1792 and some believed that the origin of ants lasted over 40 million years. But one of the scientific studies conducted in 1965 that revealed the existence of amber deposits in New Jersey, which confirmed that there are two ants back to 92 million years BC One of them known as "Sphercomyrma Freyi" but now extinct, and the other "A Ponerinae Ant" And still exist in the tropics.

There are some researchers who believed that ants should have existed 130 million years ago. The insect lived near famous dinosaurs including Spinosaurus, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  1. Ants, although small in size; however, it causes many damages:

Although ants are small household insects, they are able to transport the equivalent of 50 tons of soil each year in just one mile and this may be good if there is no contact between them and humans. Scientific statistics have shown that ants can cause chaos and damage in the case of their continuance with human resources.

According to scientific statistics, ants are responsible for losses of more than $ 5 billion to repair medical damage this year, in addition to agricultural losses estimated at $ 750 million.

There are also fire ants that leave the bites very painful and may be exposed to serious allergic reactions because of these bites, in addition to the ants is a vector disease, which carries many infections and fungi and bacteria.

Ants also use timber structures as a suitable shelter for protection from climatic conditions and predators, and this type of ants causes at least $ 145 million in physical damage.

  1. Ants use certain paths to find out where to go:

Ants insects are used by the pheromones, which are chemicals produced to communicate with other insects. These substances are secreted from certain glands that are spread throughout the ants' body. Using their own antennas, they can pick up the signal of pheromones sent by other insects. One ant of ants can produce about 20 different pheromones, each of which sends a specific signal.

The colony of ants lives within a systematic class system. Within this system there are a group of insects responsible for searching for food. This is done by wandering around randomly until they find a suitable source of food. Once they find the food they take enough to return to the colony again. It helps her in the pheromones she leaves in a certain path.

  1. Ants have two stomachs and some are sexless:

Biologically, ant insects are wonderful creatures. They have two stomachs that help them store food for themselves and the other stomach, which is known as the social stomach and helps them feed others. This adaptation ensures that the colony can survive without feeling hungry.

There are some types of ants that keep the food in their mouth to feed others and over time they notice their body swell so much that they can not leave the nest, and if they do not find food from the outside, they go to the insects that grind food to get their meal.

  1. Ants live in colonies with huge numbers:

We have mentioned in the previous lines that the number of ants in this world may outweigh the number of people has shown statistics and scientific reports that there are at least 1600 types of ants and there are more discoveries over time, that the number is increasing.

Because of this huge number, you might say that ants colonize very large areas around the world. The most common ant species are the Argentine ants you can find around the world. Ants rely on pheromones to identify insects that belong to their colony and distinguish them from other insects. Some people may think that ants live separately, but this is a mistake because ants see each other as individuals belonging to one family.

10.Ants are considered social insects and have a hierarchy:

The ants live in a series class system headed by the queen. This system consists of three layers; queens, winged princesses and fertile females. The workers are also females who do not multiply and do many different roles in the colony. Among them are the care and breeding of small larvae. There are also soldiers who are concerned with protecting the colony from any danger, and the males of winged ants, but their numbers are much lower than those of fertile females and workers.

Once the insect has finished the stages of the full ants and mature sexually, the colony leaves in search of a companion to complete the mating. After the mating journey, the ants die and the queen searches for a suitable place to place the larvae and forms their colony.

Ants are already amazing insects. They are incredibly strong and can lift weights several times. They have proved their strength by colonizing any corner of the world. These little creatures lived in the age of huge dinosaurs and managed to survive. We can learn many of these smart insects including agriculture because they are able to communicate and collaborate with each other by means of pheromones. In addition, their class society means that everyone in this colony has a work to do without objection.

These creatures have been able to establish strong and effective relationships with different species of organisms over thousands of years, and surprisingly they want to feed each other to ensure the protection and survival of the colony.

Although it is already an interesting and interesting insect, its presence near the human may leave a lot of damage, both in terms of health and material. Therefore, if a person notices the presence of this insect in the house, you must act immediately before the situation worsens.

Do not forget that ants are insects that have a high capacity in a record time so one insect you see may mean a very large colony that is different in any corner of your home, so do not hesitate to get rid of ants before you take advantage of your home and take shelter.

If you do not have the experience and the skill to deal with small household insects, you can contact Orchida Pest Controland offer you the best solutions to deal with these small creatures. Do not worry, the company does not rely on toxic chemicals, but on the contrary it uses safe ingredients that do not have any negative impact on your family's health or the environment.


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